After Linux is loaded the CD will eject. Setting up gateways will be covered in the installation section below. The reason why we do this, is that many consumer based routers, are not the most reliable devices, and it has been seen on many occasions, that the DNS proxy function fails but usually corrected by a rebooteven though the router is still connected to the Internet and everything else seems to function. Compare the requirements with what facility you already have. As Tearx web site possessor I believe the content material here is rattling fantasticappreciate it for your hard work.

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As always, this guide is not meant to be a detailed manual; instead it is just a quick and dirty guide and as a resource to assist you get started with minimum pain.

I will outline everything I know in this document. It does not cover every detail and every function found in Elastix and neither will it provide you with a complete solution or spiritual guidance. Only a competent VoIP consultant such as VoiceIntegrity or MBIT can provide you with the necessary know-how for a complete solution, and as for spiritual guidance, I will leave that entirely to you. This document was compiled mainly based on Australian conditions because Australia is where I live — those kind enough to fly me around the world are most welcome to send me an air ticket through my experience going through the pains and gains, supplemented by inputs from dozens of participants in the various Elastix and Asterisk related forums.

These people are mentioned in the bibliography at the end of the document. They have helped me whenever I get into difficulties, and I still seek guidance the non-divine type from them. I take no primary credit for this document I am only the compiler of this not so divine revelation. I invite others to participate in improving this document.

Please send me your feedback; so together we can make this document a valuable resource for our peers in the Elastix community, experienced and new alike. I welcome all assistance and correction for this document. It is also not my intention to violate any copyright or trademarks in preparing this document.

I ask those who think that their copyright or trade marks have been violated to inform me so it can be remedied. In its Basic form, all that I have outlined worked for me but it may contain many errors — typographical, omissions and even misguidance that may require a lot of extra corrections.

I do not take; neither will I accept any responsibility for any losses incurred due to actions or inaction conducted as a result of methods or advice found in this document. I am not an expert and therefore I do not have most if not all the answers. ElastixTM evolved from the core Asterisk 1. It is made up of several major components. These were developed under GPL supported relatively by users themselves. It consists of applications, a provisioning system, an installer, and an operating system that, together, make a complete package ready for use as an out of the box PBX.

Within this document, Elastix and Asterisk will be referred to frequently and they are interchangeable as Elastix is in essence a superset of the Asterisk. Whether VOIP is for you or not depends on a number of or combinations of factors.

Some economic and quality requirements should be considered. I What is it going to cost? Assuming that you already have a broadband service, a router, and a Windows PC to run the softphone, the cost will be minimal. If you do not have a spare PC with the above specification as stated in I. II What will the quality of the phone calls be?

Correctly implemented, this system will provide you with a PBX system that will rival almost any other, not just in PBX functions, but ability to integrate with other products to make the system even more powerful. The major components that make up Elastix are; x Asterisk currently v1.


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I Is VoIP for you? I What is it going to cost? II What will the quality of the phone calls be? II What is Elastix? II Phones



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