Yoga Experts Tips To Reduce Belly Fat Belly fat is most prevalent these days thanks to the unhealthy food habits, long sitting hours, stressful life and lack of exercise. Belly fat besides making you unattractive is also a heads- up for you to start taking your body seriously to avoid heart stroke, diabetes etc. Eve Johnson 1. Look at your whole body, not just your belly.

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Ahead of the official opening of the Abu Dhabi centre this month, the ninth in the UAE, he says, "Yoga is not my business. I live for it. My job is to keep on working until my brand of yoga becomes bigger than my name.

Further contradiction. The discipline of yoga makes you slow down, but he is racing in business. He lived a life of austerity in the Himalayas for 14 years and then realigned himself back with society, enrolling for a degree and venturing into business.

Yet he continues to seek freedom from worldly associations, heading back to the mountains alone. He straddles two realms - spiritual and commercial. On his website biography, he is referred to as a man who happily lives his contradictions. Perhaps it seeks to validate his position in high-profile circles where he is lionised by the likes of Hollywood star Michael Douglas, cricketer Shane Warne, former tennis champion Boris Becker, Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor and business mogul Ratan Tata?

Instead, he starts making money for others, helping with employment. But yoga? Through yoga I give back; educate teachers and students. My intention is not to make money out of yoga; I have other businesses for that. It is this sense of loss that fuels his breakneck speed of setting up new centres.

Yoga is a whole system, a discipline. I designed Artistic Yoga with ancient yoga techniques and a workout format based on the principles of exercise physiology and biomechanics integrated with asanas [postures], pranayama [breathing techniques], bandhas [body locks], kriyas [cleansing exercises], passive stretching and meditation techniques.

The sobriquet is now the tagline for Artistic Yoga. That article got worldwide recognition," he says. Work To understand my journey so far, I have to start from the beginning. My parents, then childless, vowed to dedicate their firstborn to the master Sukhdev Brahmachari who used to visit my family.

I was that firstborn. At four, I left my family including my sister two more siblings were born later to go with the master. For most of the 14 years, along with three pupils, I lived close to Gaumukh [terminus of the Gangotri Glacier] in the Himalayas, which is more than 32km from the nearest village. I studied yoga intensively. I also studied Ayurveda, Tantra [spiritual totemism] and Mantra [chanting] as well as the tenets of Sufism, Jainism and Buddhism.

I learnt to survive, foraging for meals and controlling my body temperature [through breathing] to avoid frostbite. Life continued with little knowledge of the outside world. Then my master asked me to leave for a formal education, directing me to a priest friend of his in Kolkata.

I funded it by imparting the knowledge - Sanskrit, mountaineering, yoga, etc - I had acquired. By then I had established some contact with my family.

I was 25 years old. Around that time, I sensed that I had to visit my master. When I met him, he gave me diksha [a rite of initiation to take on a spiritual discipline], empowering me to preach at a spiritual level.

Soon after, he breathed his last. I took up a job as a yoga teacher at a fitness institute. From a few students, the number increased to hundreds. I was introduced to influential people who in turn introduced me to their inner circles, leading to the interaction with Russi Mody [former chairman and managing director of Tata Steel, a Fortune company]. He made me who I am today, teaching me the ABC of business.

He treated me like a son. He said, "You are the best teacher, but how many can you teach yourself? You should have hundreds of teachers below you. Before I realised it, I was making new connections - from Bollywood to Hollywood and even political figures - through yoga and opening new yoga centres. I head the BT Group that has investments in stock markets and owns a diverse portfolio in software, film production, mineral water, diamonds, health food, etc.

I live a lonely life, moving from place to place, teaching where I want to. In a way, it is the same mountain life. I used to survive on roots, herbs, berries and boiled meat with no salt for years. I prefer to eat mostly raw food. The time away from home also affected my familial ties.

I am not very close [to my family]. The initial bonding that takes place when one is young did not happen in my case. Though I am there for them whenever they need me. I love spending time in the mountains - the Himalayas. As a young boy, I used to find a vantage point and relax; I still like doing this.

I can spend months [in the mountains]. Other than that, I am a movie buff - romance and drama, not action. Nothing stresses me. A typical day for me includes a few hours sleep three to four , meditating three hours and conducting online meetings early morning. Sometimes I play golf.

In terms of creative pursuits, I write books on yoga and poetry. When I first starting writing [books], it was to spread awareness about yoga in mainstream society, and later, I formalised my spiritual knowledge as well. My novel on poetry, Firdaus, will be published by Wisdom Tree next month. Speaking of which I recall writing short poems in one night.

I also enjoy painting and singing. Dream Not many know this, but my company is involved in commercial agriculture in my hometown Bihar where my family owns land. By farming in this area, I support the nearby villages. I have managed to fund a small school and a hospital too. I am still not doing the absolute best I can. I need to do more, starting with yoga.

In the next ten years, I want cities around the world to have my centres. I am hoping for more than 20, yoga centres. I want to disseminate my knowledge to millions - whether through yoga or books. My job is to keep working and not worry about being called a brand or celebrity. I want to train more trainers so they can spread the philosophy and science of yoga.

I have so many dreams… I want to be open to new possibilities. Soon enough the mineral water company, Elixir Water, was up and running. Outside of business, people have hinted at me engaging in local [Indian] politics. Ask me whether I predicted this level of success, and my response is - yes.

They are strategy based. I create businesses and put systems into place, funding them and employing professionals to run them. I hope to create several offices funded by me. I would like to live in a country for a few months and when I can no longer [bear to] stay, move to the next. From Dubai, I am going to Bali.

So ask me about my home, and I will say its nowhere and everywhere. If I stayed in one place, I will start accepting and expecting the comforts of life. More From Lifestyle.


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