Conception[ edit ] Truman Capote began writing the manuscript for Other Voices, Other Rooms after being inspired by a walk in the woods while he was living in Monroeville, Alabama. After leaving Alabama, he continued to work on the manuscript in New Orleans, Louisiana. His budding literary fame put him in touch with fellow southerner and writer Carson McCullers. Capote continued to work on the novel in North Carolina and eventually completed it in a rented cottage in Nantucket, Massachusetts. He also sees a spectral "queer lady" with "fat dribbling curls" watching him from a top window.

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Shelves: gothic , family-drama , coming-of-age , semi-autobio , southern In , at an early age of 11, Capote began writing.

The first novel that he attempted to write was Summer Crossing but one day, while he and a fellow southerner and writer Carlson McCullers, the author of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter , were walking in the woods, he got inspired to write something about the rural life in the South.

So, he set Summer Crossing aside and wrote this book. This then became his first published book when Capote was 24 years old. The style is Southern In , at an early age of 11, Capote began writing. The style is Southern Gothic and it is semi-autobiographical. This is semi-autobiographical because what he wrote was mostly based on his actual experiences in Monroeville, Alabama where he grew up with the Pulitzer winner, Harper Lee, author of the modern classic To Kill a Mockingbird.

Capote and Lee were best of friends so they made each other as character in their own respective novels. This book did not win Capote any award but it stayed in the New York Times Bestseller list for 9 weeks. After 13 years, Harper Lee came up with her only novel To Kill a Mockingbird and it did not only win her a Pulitzer but also the hearts of many people around the world.

The only thing missing here, I guess, is that it did not tackle social and racial inequality issue but rather focused on those minor themes that are also present in Mockingbird such as courage, compassion, decadence and isolation.

Both books have Gothic southern elements but Lee used it for humor while Capote used it for mystery if not to actually scare. So, overall, I agree that Mockingbird is a notch higher than this debut novel of Capote. Joel does not know his father because he was an infant when his father abandoned him and his mother. Before seeing his father, he meets all the other people in the town including the sisters Florabel and Idabel Thompkins. They become his friends particularly Idabel.

Prior to that meeting he had high expectations on what his life would be with his father even writing rosy pictures to his friend back in New Orleans. Idabel asks Joel if he has been snakebit. Joel says no but he has survived being ran down by a car. That scene made me laugh imagining how the tomboyish Idabel would have been behaving considering the very vivid descriptions Capote spent in his prose for that girl.

This is the last Capote book on my bookshelf. I am not yet his completist as far as his novels are concerned because I could not find a copy of The Grass Harp But as far as those that are available, here are they - fully read with many of their pages now dogeared proof that I enjoyed reading them : 4 STARS I really liked these!


Other Voices, Other Rooms



[PDF] Other Voices, Other Rooms Book by Truman Capote Free Download (232 pages)




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