The high speed service has recently been refurbished so the carriages are modern, spacious and comfortable. Suddenly Italy and all its riches are at your feet. If you want to go north and visit Turin from Milan, you can — in less than one hour on the Frecce trains. Or if you want to go more central to Bologna, then you can reach the city centre from Milan in just over one hour. Home to famous landmarks like the Trevi Fountain and the Sistine Chapel, this is one city you cannot miss. Luckily there are many connections to the capital and you can travel on the Trenitalia Frecciarossa from Milan to Rome in less than three hours.

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The Bimbi Gratis offer is for family groups of 2 to 5 people with at least one adult and one child under the age of It allows children to travel for free provided the other members of the group have Base tickets.

Covering long-distance routes across the nation, Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains have significantly reduced travel time between major cities, making train travel in Italy a more viable option. Read on for more information about the different types of Trenitalia trains, what you can find on board and where they can take you.

Taking the new Frecciarossa trains , journey times between cities like Rome and Milan have fallen to under 3 hours. Frecciarossa trains travel to cities such as Naples, Florence and Bologna on a daily basis. You can choose between four classes when you travel on Frecciarossa — Executive , Business , Premium and Standard.

Finally, if you buy a Frecciarossa Executive ticket, you can get free access to FrecciaLounge and FrecciaClub lounges. For more information, check out our dedicated section about FrecciaClub and FrecciaLounge. Read more about Frecciarossa trains , where they can take you and what you can find in each class.

Frecciargento trains have mainly two classes — First and Second Class. Much like all the high-speed Trenitalia trains, all carriages are equipped with WiFi, air-conditioning, special luggage zone and onsite cleaning service. Learn more about Frecciargento trains , popular routes and onboard services. For example, cities such Bari and Lecce are easily connected to Naples, making travel into the main cities much more accessible for both tourists and commuters. Frecciabianca trains offer spacious chairs, air-conditioning and food carriages, making your journey a cheaper but still pleasant experience.

Check out our dedicated page about Frecciabianca for more details. Covering shorter distances at slower speeds, these trains are ideal for those who are travelling locally, staying in a certain region, or just want to see what is in the next town over. Intercity trains have two classes — First and Second — both of which offer seats, power sockets, reading lights and reserved wheelchair spaces for disabled passengers.

There are also Intercity night trains, where you can sleep in bed cabins to save on the cost of a hotel. Bed cabins come with air-conditioning, a washbasin, complimentary toiletries and much more.

Regional trains are slower, serving towns and villages within a given region. For more information, visit our page about Regional trains. Additionally, Frecciarossa trains provide an at-seat meal service with typical Italian gourmet dishes on offer.

Guide dogs are allowed on all trains at no additional cost. Bikes While folding bikes are allowed on any Trenitalia train if placed in racks and luggage, traditional bikes are allowed only if disassembled and placed in special bags 80 x x 40 cm. New high-tech system on board As of December , Trenitalia introduces a new onboard entertainment system with videos, tourist information and games for an even more digital experience.

An instant access option and a fast multi-operator system are also available. Trenitalia destinations.


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Overview Onboard City trips Destinations Discovering the most beautiful landmarks in Italy is now becoming very easy thanks to Trenitalia trains network. Le Frecce, or Arrows in English, can offer you a very comprehensive network in Italy so you can join cities and towns in this country whenever and wherever you want. Northern Italy becomes suddenly so convenient to visit : you can reach Torino from Milano Centrale station in just under one hour. And Bologna Central railway station is located just 1hour and five minutes away from the fashion capital of Italy, Milan, where you can discover the most amazing contemporary Italian luxury brands. Such an attractive city for doing shopping…. Connections offered by Trenitalia trains will enable you to get to the Capital city of Italy in no time at all and feel this so relaxed atmosphere you would like to take back home : Trenitalia Frecciarossa services are connecting Milan to Rome non-stop in just under 3 hours and Firenze to Roma Termini in just 1 hour and 35 minutes.


Train Schedules

Learn more about rail passes. Most high-speed and long-distance trains require seat reservations. The fare rules for each train indicate whether seat reservations are necessary. Note: An ItaliaPass does not entitle customers to use of passholder fares. Train schedules are usually released days before departure. If you are looking for a train schedule for a later date you can request to be informed when the route becomes available by completing the Find Train Tickets in Italy form above and submitting your email address. This board will display all the information you need to catch your train including, platform number, stops made en route, and the final destination.


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