Shelves: audiobooks I have been doing affirmations a lot, and I have no idea to verify whether or not they work - but I keep doing them when I remember to. This entire review is entirely spoilers. So, the other day I wanted a library book to support my exploration in affirmations and downloaded this audiobook. I was like: "Why are they pronouncing affirmations in such a weird way? So, St.

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What are you waiting for? Morel on Dec 01, I have used questioning as a cornerstone in my private practice for many years. Less than 48 hours after reading this book and putting the ideas into practice, I had my first miracle. I was past the cut off time to get my luggage placed on the same flight with me. Due to technical difficulties I also did not have my e ticket in hand. I immediately afformed that "Why is it so effortless for me to be on the same flight with my luggage? I asked the attendant to request an exemption from his supervisor.

When the curbside baggage attendant came back from checking about my request, he was shaking his head. My supervisor never says yes.

He must be having a really good day. Needless to say, we were both on the same flight. This is a perfect book to replace the negative thinking that binds so many of us. It is the practice of these principles that makes this a 5 star book. Lin Morel, [ Wyatt on Dec 06, This book got consistently great reviews until some time this fall, then a whole string of nasty reviews started appearing, all in a very short span of time. Same thing with his other book, "Permission to Succeed.

John made angry, but there seems to be some sort of vendetta going on. Please give this and his other book a chance. Both are excellent. I never even really thought about it or what it might mean to me or to my life. Reading this book has totally turned my thinking around in this area! I also absolutely identified with the problems of affirmations. Fact is, at this point in linear time, I am not slim, nor am I fit, and when I try to feed myself that line, some part of me answers back, "Yeah, right!

Afformations get around that very neatly, and I find it both fun and challenging to figure out ways to "ask" myself things. Now I regularly ask myself, "Why am I so happy? I AM happy. And things do just fall perfectly into place.

But the world is as we experience it, so if I change my outlook and my experience, I change my world. By The Good Girl Reviewers on Nov 08, If you are anything like me, you are a seeker of truth and are on a path to transforming your life to realize your GOD given potential.

There are numerous books, programs and seminars that promise you one thing, but in actuality, really may not deliver. Who should be to blame? That we have the power within us to grow and evolve on this life plane.

Sure, we need help, opportunities, inspiration and encouragement. John will offer a simple, painless, life giving solution to what ails you. What ails you first begins with a thought that you focus on. It is a process and solution to living a better quality of life. But first it begins with a decision.

Decide to buy this book today. Read it, study it and do what it says. Affirmations only remind you of what is absent. Grab hold of it today! Happy reading and pay it forward. Little book - HUGE results! By Rbsf on Jan 18, Afformations are simple, powerful, and fun to do. And best of all the results come quickly and easily. With afformations, instead of relentlessly pounding new statements into your head over long periods of time, you can simply explore all of the wonderful possibilities available to you with positively formed questions, and let your subconscious mind do the rest!

Positive affirmations usually take quite a long time to work because you have to change the negative belief system of your resistant subconscious. Whereas asking a question, the subconscious quickly works to find the answer!

Try this experiment and test it for yourself - say an affirmation such as "I love my job or whatever it is you would like to change ".

Do you hear or feel that little voice in you saying, "yeah, right! Now, ask, "why do I love my job so much? Keep asking the question and the subconscious will work to answer why you love your job so much! Noah St. John and Denise Berard are brilliant! Awesome Tool! By Amazon Customer on Feb 06, After being introduced to afformations in his book Permission to Succeed, I decided to try this book.

Afformations are completely different, a major breakthrough! I have always believed that we have all the answers within, afformations are one tool in which to bring them forth. Shows the power of positive thinking - plain and simple By C. Zeller on Nov 03, This is a great concept and a wonderful manner of replacing those "little voices" we all have that are less than positive. The authors have written this in a clean, clear, easy-to-read style that makes it very readable you can read it in one sitting.

It is one of the very few "self-help" books that actually give you immediate results. John and Berard do a great job co-authoring!

I have given the book as a present as well as told people about it and will continue to. I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lives. You have to ask these questions many times a day. I would also add visualizations and other law of attraction games.

It says - use it as you would use affirmations, so it asumes, that you already know that. Why am I so fortunate to have read this book? By Esteban Gallegos on Mar 24, Every now and then I seemingly stumble on a fresh idea, a new way of seeing things, achieve a new level of understanding. This book and the concept of Afformations, has changed my life. I have always been a student of positive thinking, affirmations, and other success principles in general.

However, the notion of asking my brain a question was an awakening. Yes, like most people I was already asking my brain questions, like whenever I got mad at myself for having done something with less than the expected results. Now, I ask myself questions about positive things and lo and behold It seems to help! But It was recommend to me by a stranger who said it changed her life. So I did!

I bought 10 of them and have given them all to friends and family and everyone seems really pleased. Has it changed my life? Has it changed my attitude? Good ideas, not a lot of content By Stillwaters on May 08, This book has a lot of good afformations to use, but the book itself is tiny. It is hardly worth the price. Most of the examples of people who used afformations successfully were people who used the "Permission to Succeed" program, and the authors bring this up over and over.

I found that to be annoying, and I thought the book could have been more detailed. John , Denise Berard. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Oct 01, It was published by MetaPublishing and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.



What are you waiting for? Morel on Dec 01, I have used questioning as a cornerstone in my private practice for many years. Less than 48 hours after reading this book and putting the ideas into practice, I had my first miracle. I was past the cut off time to get my luggage placed on the same flight with me.


The Great Little Book of Afformations (All-New, Expanded Edition)

Deborah Villarese rated it liked it Dec 26, I have started using Afformations and I am seeing immediate positive results. A very small investment for the benefits you will get from them. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Why is the sky blue? Tired of hearing yourself say things like: Afformatiojs includes afformations that you can record for yourself in your own voice to listen avformations — great idea!! I wish I knew about this book a lot earlier in my life. John of The Success Clinic of America has generated five- to seven-figure increases in revenue for people and companies across North America using his 7-Step Permission to Succeed System.


The Great Little Book of Afformations


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