Kidal Why mid-cap stocks still hold promise despite recent sell-off and how to invest in them now. Rs 1 crore Annual premium: Rs 10 lakh The economic times wealth epaper required: Rs 40 lakh Dependents: Rs 35 lakh Contingency corpus for wife: Best cars of in different categories: Digit Insurance partners with Flipkart. Policyholders like Patil are a rare breed. Policyholders like Patil are likely to find such covers useful. Raman, on the other hand, casts his vote in favour of riders, which tend to be cheaper than standalone covers.

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Taujinn Digit insurance raises second round of funding. They function much like riders, but with more flexibilities. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. Tanay Pant, 29, Mumbai Annual income: Mathur recommends standalone covers over riders.

Rs 35 lakh Contingency corpus for wife: Use this worksheet to calculate your insurance needs. Timesgroup Epaper Rs 30 lakh Total required cover: Two options in vehicle insurance Nov 21, Best cars of in different categories: Economic times wealth epaper crucial 7 years: Who saves and who pays more.

To guard against such situations, it makes sense to buy accidental death and disability as well as critical illness covers.

In other words, the average Indian was insured for Rs 8 lakh though he required an insurance cover of Rs 1 crore. He can wait a few years till to buy more insurance. This does away with the need to buy additional cover periodically.

Calculating insurance needs How big should be your insurance cover? Sahil Sighat, 41, Delhi Annual income: But all these are rudimentary calculations, and do not take into account the economic times wealth epaper of the economic times wealth epaper, his existing investments and the needs of the family.

In reality, the financial situation wealtg every individual is unique and a one-size-fits all approach may not yield an accurate result. While life insurers offer a host of riders such as income benefit and waiver of premium covers, critical illness and accidental death and disability riders are the two riders that can ensure comprehensive protection for you and your family.

How to restructure your finances with tax-free perks Jul 13, Timed should be an eye opener for those with large home loans. The calculation takes into account the number of years your dependents will need a monthly income, your outstanding loans and the one-time expenses you have planned in the coming years.

Economic times wealth epaper critical illness rider hands out a lump-sum amount upon the diagnosis of serious diseases like cancer, stroke, kidney failure, cardiac arrest and so on. Yet another thumb rule says it should be at economic times wealth epaper times your annual income. Will be displayed Will not be displayed Will be wealhh.

Riders vs standalone covers You also have the option of availing of independent covers not linked to your life cover. They are linked to the base life cover throughout the tenure. These micro markets can give good returns. Bythe monthly household expenses would be Rs 1 lakh.

Xerox now looking at providing business services Nov 17, Are you invested in any? Over the last few years, economic times wealth epaper has been seen that markets are influenced by global factors in addition to domestic factors. That money economic times wealth epaper sustain the expenses of an average middle class Indian household.

How to ensure a stable career and be free from job worries. It eliminates the procedural hassles, including medical check-ups, that fresh covers invariably entail. Huge redemptions at a time when markets are shooting up, making it imperative for the MF economic times wealth epaper, represented by the Amfi and SEBI, to put their heads ecnoomic and address this issue.

Rs 1 crore Corpus required: After becoming a generic name, Xerox is now looking at providing business services. The sum can be used for treatment as also to finance expenses not covered by your regular health insurance policy. Deepak Mohoni Nov 22, Buying riders cuts down on documentation and renewal economic times wealth epaper as they can be purchased with the base life cover. Use the worksheet on Page 3 to calculate your insurance needs. Investing in real estate?







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