Section 1: Fundamental Object-Oriented Concepts Describe, compare, and contrast primitives integer, floating point, boolean, and character , enumeration types, and objects. Describe, compare, and contrast concrete classes, abstract classes, and interfaces, and how inheritance applies to them. Describe, compare, and contrast class compositions, and associations including multiplicity: one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many , and association navigation. Describe information hiding using private attributes and methods , encapsulation, and exposing object functionality using public methods; and describe the JavaBeans conventions for setter and getter methods. Describe polymorphism as it applies to classes and interfaces, and describe and apply the "program to an interface" principle. Recognize the UML representation of class associations, compositions, association multiplicity indicators, and association navigation indicators.

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Vijay baskaran IT Business Developer I had a very good experience using the platform set by silicon india for completing an online course in SAS advanced programming. The tutorials were very useful and self explanatory ,which made it easy to understand a new subject. Saumya Saxena lecturer I am working as a lecturer for media studies, the online SEO course has given me a practical exposure of IT field.

The best part of this course is practical assignments and this gives a real life experience of training. Silicon India course is easy to understand and video tutorials are good enough to learn. I am looking forward to do an another course from Silicon India.

Pavitra Palguni Web Developer I supplemented my academics with the internship in SiliconIndia for the web development; it is an opportunity for every fresher to get a practical exposure on the subject and even form the job perspective.

Without your support I could have not completed my java course successfully. In future also I will take up other courses available in this portal. Course contents were very informative. Topics were covered from very basics to high level. Response to the queries were immediate. The step by step lessons make us feel that we are in classroom Wish them to bring more online courses. Vivek Rajput Java Developer Fresher Chhattisgarh I had a very good experience using the platform set by Siliconindia for completing an Java course and internship.

I was new to Java programming and this course makes me understood the java technologies together with the real life examples and guidance.

Thanks to Arun sir and Siliconindia for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and how to improve myself. I am grateful to have you as a guide and Trainer. Thanks a lot. Choice is YOURS… This is not exactly a blog but a life experience that I would like to share with you which has made me a better programmer, a better professional and a better human being.

Read on and you will realise how even small decisions you take at an early stage or at College would shape the rest of your career.

I think the course design is amazing, I feel that I was progressive each day to grasp all core concepts of Java and all concepts became easy to understand.

After completing online java course, I came at SiliconIndia for Android classroom program for my Internship. Experience of this three-months classroom program was tremendous. Online Java Course was really helpful to learn Android. I really like this course. I learned all of the major components of Android development and would definitely recommend this course.

I could not imagine what could be improved in this course. Thank you so much! I highly recommend SiliconIndia for Android training. My instructor was highly knowledgeable and the training exceeded all my expectations! The course was very detailed, gave real life examples and gave good insight into each aspect of JAVA; because of this course I understood JAVA technologies much better in spite of being a fresher.

Thanks to the course, today I am doing my job much better than my peers. The assignments gives the students an extra energetic boost to learn. Thanks a lot SI. All courses.


Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA)




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