Om Shri Sai naathaaya Namah:. Om, to the respected Lord Sai, 2. Om Laksmiinaaraayanaaya Namah. Om Sheshashaayine Namah. Om, to Vishnu in his aforementionned form laying on Shesha Divine Snake who has 5 sheesh.

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Recitation of His name is a mantra which by itself is as purifying as a dip in Holy Ganges. He is the Holiest of the Holy, and the Light of lights. He has no comparision, and is Infinite. His divine time is beyond measure and is limitless. He is ever present in all beings. He is all pervading, having no beginning or end.

He is Lord of Eternity. All elements of nature are subservient to His will. He has no beginning or end, and is immortal. Sai Baba supports and sustains all living beings. He brings succour to one and all and offers them shelter under His umbrella of love and bliss. Though His physical body no longer remains, Sai tatva remains dormant in the whole universe and comes to the support of the needy. If a devotee meditates on Sai Baba with full faith and concentration, the merciful, compassionate Sai will grant spiritual power to Him.

He who has vowed to protect His disciples is a beacon to them and leads them and leads them to self-realisation. Sai Baba given a commitment that there shall be no dearth of food and clothing in the houses of His devotees.

He is ever conscious of their needs and sustains them with His grace and benevolence. Sai Baba, provides health and happiness to His devotees. His Udi, the spirituality power-packed ashes, acts as a panacea of all ailments of body and soul. Blessed is he who has become one with Him. Sai bestows spiritual-psychic powers on one who surrenders unto Him totally. Sai Baba is ever caring for those who place implicit faith in Him.

He grants sons, friends, wives and kin, to those who pray to Him sincerely. Sai Baba undertakes the responsibility of providing for and sustaining the devotees, leading them on the virtuous path to God realisation. Like a true friend, Sai Baba gives His devotees courage, succour and solace to face the vicissitudes of life with hope and aspirations.

Sai Baba leads the true followers on the path of virtue, to realise the Self and attain eternal bliss and oneness with the Omniscient. Sai Baba grants His devotees what they desire, and at the same time guides them on the virtuous path of seeking realisation of the self.

He bestows salvation, and the nectar of bliss. Sai Baba is an embodiment of pure love — the love that permeates the heart and soul of His devotees, who in sheer ecstasy consider Him their very own and look to Him as their Beloved. Sai Baba Provides the capacity for boundless love.

His message of harmony, unity and love is vibrantly alive in the minds of His devotees. Sai Baba, eternally existent, knows the innermost secrets of the heart, and is the revealer of truth. He is knowledge personified. He is Omniscient and Omnipresent. Sainath personifies truth and pure consciousness. He preaches that no religion is higher than truth, the inner Self is the same in all people — realise this. Sai Baba is the Brahman, who is Maya, formless, and is in everything. He fills all space and is Omnipresent.

Sai abides in the heart of everyone. From Him emanate memory, knowledge and their absence. He is beyond the destructible, and commands reverence from all.

Sai Baba, the Eternal Being, is the personification of pure knowledge. He is eternal, pure, immovable and imperishable. When a devotee cries out to Sai in distress, Sai baba, like a mother who brings up her child lovingly, and like a grandfather who dotes on his grandchild, responds instantly with love and affection.

If one has complete faith in Sai Baba, He will take him beyond the seven seas, beyond fear, and beyond worldly matters. If one places absolute faith in Baba and surrenders heart and soul to Him, Baba reciprocates to him and becomes his servant. The mystic phenomenon that is Sai Baba, is ever eager to bless and shower grace on His devotees, and comes to their help in the hour of their need.

A person who seeks refuge in Sai Baba, by surrendering unto Him totally, and by shedding off his ego, becomes entitled to His abounding love and affection. Sai Baba, personifying knowledge and wisdom, frees man from worldly desires by giving them what they want so that they may learn to want what He wants to give them. Sai teaches no creed, is not the founder of any sect, and reveres all religions.

He preaches love and noble deeds, showering limitless love on His devotees. Sai Baba of Shirdi dispels doubts, evil thoughts and deeds, and ignorance if one surrenders to Him in total faith. Only then will he experience divine bliss. Sai Baba gives His devotees an illumination that makes them aware of God, of self, and helps them to conquer their ego, thereby giving them ultimate realisation.

Sai Baba forgives all Sins, and even destroys the ill-effects of Bad karmas of previous births. Sai inspires and generates pure and pious thoughts in His devotees, guiding them on the virtuous path, to transcend the highest order of their lives. Endowed with all virtues and yet attributeless, Sai Baba is an incarnation of Lord Shive.

The Good Lord incarnates age after age to redeem mankind from sins. Sai Baba is resplendent with virtuous attributes that are limitless, and He has limitless forms, filling all vast spaces. Lord Sainath, the Fakir of Shirdi, is the store house of power. His name denotes absolute power. Sai Baba is the infinite ocean of peace, and for Him there is no defeat or failure. He is ever victorious as He is supreme. Sai Baba is in everything and everything is His.

Every thougt is His, every impulse is His. He is unchallengable and impossible to defy. Sai Baba is second to none. His ways and means are many. Sai Baba, Lord of the three worlds, is the personification of dharma, leading His devotees along the correct path without any impediment. Sai Baba, the gentle incarnation of Lord Shiva, is all powerful, all pervading, all embracing, and all merciful. For Him, nothing is impossible for everything is as He will. Sainath, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, is of unique splendour, whose eyes are beautiful and magnetic, drawing crowds to His abode in great swarms His glance is auspicious, and His eyes are illuminous, bright and shinning with spiritual power.

His is a unique phenomenon on the horizon of spirituality. Sai Baba, whose image cannot be bound in words, and whose knowledge has touched beyond the far-reaching universe, and unfathomable depths of ocean, is beyond vision and human comprehension. Sai Baba, who has attained Mahasamadhi, is inconceivable and incomprehensible, and is beyond description. He is attributeless and Truth personified. Sai is pervading the whole earth in a subtle form. Sai Baba knows the past, present and future of every animate and inanimate object as He dwells in them all.

Sai represents pure love and truth. One who ever concentrates on Him will be clothed with a panoply of spiritual armour. Sai Baba has enjoined in His devotees to give up their cleverness and approach Him with a single heart, when He would be easily accessible. Cast all burdens onto Me and I shall bear with them.

Ingrevious trouble, if one prays to Sainath for succour, He comes to him immediately, providing sustenance, and relieving him of distress. Sai Baba is non-doer, yet He inspires others to perform virtuous deeds. He is beyond duality. The divine name is the greatest saviour in this Kaliyug. The name redeems the fallen. It is a panacea for all ills of life. Sai Baba is all pervading, and an embodiment of all holy places. Worship at His lotus feet gives one the same merits as of going to holy places and bathing in holy waters.

Sainath is Vasudeva, or Lord Krishna. Sai Baba, fully dedicated to truth, carried on His mission of destroying distress, strengthening faith, and establishing truth among His devotees. Sai Baba, the incarnation of Lord Shiva, is the creator, protector and destroyer of everything in the universe.

He is all powerful, all pervading — the Supreme Lord. Sai Baba desires that devotees who want Him, should follow the path of pure devotion and attain spirituality. Sai Baba adopts celibacy, ascetism and other spiritual practices, and responds to the divine call, attaining God-realisation and Godhood.

Sai Baba descended on earth as an incarnation of Lord Shiva who is endowed with full Riddhis and Siddhi. Devotees who take to Baba, automatically acquire supernatural powers.

Sai Baba shows His devotees the path which provides new strength.


Sai Baba Ashtottara Sata Namavali Lyrics in Tamil and English With Meaning

Who is the Embodiment of Truth. Who is solely devoted to teaching Truth and Righteousness. Om Sri Sai Varadaya Namaha. Who is the Giver of boons. Om Sri Sai Satpurushaya Namaha. Who is the eternal Truth. Who embodies supreme Virtue.



Shri Sai Baba Archana Names "It is quite possible that there may be some spelling errors, which we request you to kindly overlook. OM sri Sai Nathaaya namaha 2. OM Sri Sai Lakshmi naarayanaya namaha 3. OM Sri Sai Krishnaraamashiva maruthyaadhi roopaaya namaha 4. OM Sri Sai Seshasai ne namaha 5. OM Sri Sai Godhavarithata shirdhivasi ne namaha 6. OM Sri Sai Bhakta hrudaalayaaya namaha 7.


Shri Sai Baba


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