Measuring point acquisition with the QUADRA-CHEK is quick, easy, and accurate via crosshairs or an optical edge detector on profile projectors, measuring microscopes, and 2-D measuring machines with up to three axes. Although performing an actual measurement on a profile projector, measuring microscope, or 2-D measuring machine involves moving the axes by means of X- and Y-axis handwheels or possibly by rotating the measuring table, the intelligent software of the QUADRA-CHEK helps with achieving reproducibly accurate results. In both manual and automatic mode, the unit provides various predefined geometry tools for recording two-dimensional contour features such as points, lines, circles, slots, and squares. This function uses the acquired measuring points to automatically select the matching geometry. If optical edge detection is activated, then the selected tool will detect the actual measuring point on its own after traversing an edge. This objective method of measuring point acquisition enables a high level of repeatability and significantly reduces measurement uncertainty.

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They can installed on new systems or used to retrofit and modernize older machines. They can be used with almost any machine where axis slides are traversed manually. It is well suited for mounting on optical comparators, profile projectors, and measuring microscopes with up to three axes.

The touch screen display makes measurement of two-dimensional contour features quick, simple, and precise using intuitive measuring tools. The QC is a flat aluminum panel with an integrated power pack no extra power supplies and cords and fanless passive cooling sealed for harsh conditions.

Functions All the traditional capabilities for defining geometries, skew, datum, construction, and evaluating measurement data are in QC You can save your results in a measurement report individually formatted as a PDF or CSV file, or you can print them out to a connected printer. Users can automatically record programs for repetitive parts. Direct Camera Input for video systems -No external devices, such as crossline generator needed.

Less clutter, ease of installation, potential cost savings. Datum Magic, an extension of our patented Measure Magic technology enables automatic part alignment to be performed by probing a sequence of datum features.

Now you can inspect features as fast as you can think of them-and punch the work, not the buttons. With our auto-repeat mode and a remote finish key, the operator can inspect an entire part without ever looking at or touching the computer. Sensible Constructions Do you want the line where two planes intersect?

A distance between a 3D point and the center of a sphere? Results view QC will display feature measurement results, fit type and graphic representations of form errors. This graphical view of reinforces operator understanding of measured features and makes it easy to visualize complex data sets.

Tolerance display Apply tolerances to position, size, form, orientation and other part parameters quickly and easily. Reports can be customized. Just click the mouse to select them. The user can select probe tips from a star probe simply by moving the probe in the direction of the tip to be activated Tolerancing or construction features may be selected from any of the views.

Self-Programing Measure your first part and the QC learns the datums, measuring sequence, tolerances, and reporting functions and then visually leads you through subsequent part inspections by following the flashing cursor. You simply select the program from an icon on the toolbar. Part View Controls: Zoom in, zoom out, zoom to fit, zoom in on a selected area, pan and rotate functions, make the IK the most complete CMM readout available.

Quick View: Toolbar buttons allow the operator to view the part from any of a number of preselected orientations and elevations. View From Probe: The IK allows you to view the graphical part representation as if you were viewing the part from the tip of the touch probe.

Layer Control: Inspectors can view the entire part at once, or organize features into "layers" making the graphical interface easier to use and understand. Ideal for complex parts with multiple geometries, layer control gives the user control over which features are visible and which are hidden for use later in the measuring routine.

Since the merging of Metronics and Heidenhain, model numbers have changed and technology has been enhanced.



Most CMM measuring software requires you to fly to a training center for 3 to 5 days of training. Simpler, faster, more accurate Pull-down menus, user definable window positions and tool settings combine with 3D geometries, constructions and intersections to make measuring simpler, faster and more accurate than you ever imagined. Most CMMs manufactured in the s and s are well made, sturdy machines with good motor drive systems. This restores your CMM to state-of-the-art equipment.


The QUADRA-CHEK 2000 evaluation unit: for easy and reliable measurement



HEIDENHAIN QUADRA-CHEK 2000 Operating Instructions Manual



Quadra-Chek 5000 CMM Measuring Software


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