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There are various seals available for different applications. The sealing equipment division is divided into several departments. These are: o-rings, rubber technology, flange gaskets and dynamic seals.

These different departments have different types of seals. Types of seals There are seals for sanitary fittings, rotary shaft seals, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, mechanical seals, o-rings, sealing glands and flat seals. All these types of seals are suitable for other applications and have specific characteristics.

All these different seals are also available in various shapes and sizes. Different categories The sanitary fittings category features connection seals for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Rotary shaft seals are available for any application to do with rotating shafts. In order to function optimally, cylinders use pneumatic and hydraulic seals.

Rod and piston seals made of rubber, rubber coated fabric, polyurethane and PTFE are all in stock. ERIKS also carries a full range of scrapers seals, guide tape, various types of Multiseals and assembly grease.

The mechanical seal prevents the medium liquid or gas from escaping from the shaft. The category of mechanical seals offers the complete package of rubber and metal bellow seals, single and multi-spring and cartridge and agitator seals from renowned manufacturers such as Burgmann Industries and AES. O-rings are circular seals, and are typically used to seal a liquid or a gas.

O-rings are available in various different types of compounds. For each type of industrial application we can advise, develop, manufacture and deliver the best possible seal to you.

Sealing glands are shaft seals that serve to seal rotating shafts at valves, mixers and pumps. The category: flat gaskets consists of a broad and deep range of materials for flange gaskets.

More than components, semi-finished and very many standard seals in various materials and designs are in stock.





Loctite 3504 UV konstrukční lepidlo (128500) - 250 ml


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