Digitale produkter og apper. Er du ais inn med riktig brukernavn? Dersom du bytter du bank vil du fortsatt ha samme avtale og trenger ikke tegne ny. Da kommer dine bestilte endringer opp, og du kan endre eller slette dem her. Hvordan endrer jeg lundesnes min permanent? Ja, du kan gi digital tilgang til et husstandsmedlem.

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The map shop Nomaden was not open yet so I did some sightseeing in Vigelands Park first. Just outside of Oslo I had my first flat tyre.

The spare tube was flat too, so it was taking lots of time to repair both. Then I had major route finding issues, because of myriad of roads and cycling paths out to Sandvika and Asker. It was late afternoon when I arrived Drammen, and from there I continued to Holmestrand on local roads to avoid E Again I had some troubles avoiding E18, but eventually I got to both Sandefjord and Larvik by local roads.

From there I took a local road to Stavern, where I rested one hour and chatted with a Swedish couple who drove from New York to Patagonia by car 25 years ago what an adventure!! Staying the night in Helgeroa, boarding the first ferry to Langesund tomorrow morning. Crossing the fjord through myriad of islands was a great experience. We arrived Langesund after one hour. I also met two Swiss girls waiting for the ferry, they were planning to cycle to Stavanger, but only km a day.

I continued on the coastal road to Tvedestrand and ended up in Arendal Nidelv Camping. Between Grimstad and Lillesand I opted for the old E18, to avoid the very hilly and strenuous cycling path between those cities.

That was a good idea, except that the new E18 was closed and all the cars where now using old E A big truck with foreign plates almost knocked me off the road, what a bastard! From Lillesand I continued to Birkeland to avoid E Continuing to Mandal I ended up on the very trafficked E39, thus more extreme sport cycling.

Very happy to be safe and sound in Mandal after a long day. An interesting meeting with the lighthouse manager, who published this story about me.


Lindesnes Avis: Lover større fokus på ungdomsbedrifter. – De har blitt litt stemoderlig behandlet


LEY 22285 PDF

Lindesnes Avis: Kvinnene skutt under 50-årslag



Lindesnes - avis


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