Lila writes wonderful and very sexy historical romance, and her Fiery Tales series of books are justly acclaimed. One unforgettable Christmas Eve, their relationship changed from the best of friends…to lovers. Or vice versa. Is this a second chance at first love?

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It was not so long ago. His court was as decadent as it was opulent. A time of high culture, elegance, and excesses. The pursuit of sinful pleasures was a pastime. Sex, an art form. You see, Louis was a lusty king. He and his courtiers were connoisseurs of the carnal arts. It was during this wickedly wonderful time that author Charles Perrault creator of The Tales of Mother Goose first began writing down fairy tales—the folklore that had been passed on verbally for generations.

In 17th century France, there were many independent, self-reliant women, many of whom were making a lucrative living at writing the popular genre of fairy tales.

I see no reason not to believe that a bright young woman could have been the first inventor of the matchstick… And whose name may have simply fallen through the cracks of time. Out with it. Chuckling softly, Bernard sauntered over to the ebony side table and poured himself a fresh brandy from the decanter. The sound of the amber liquid draining into his crystal goblet mingled with the crackling fire in the hearth.

Come now. Give us the details. Do you ever give that prick of yours a rest? As well as the burst of mirth it inspired from his two younger brothers. Bracing his shoulder against the window frame, he crossed his arms and gazed outside at the vast grounds of Montbrison, lightly dusted with snow.

If only it were merely a new conquest. The urge to glance at the clock on the mantel seized hold of him. The ticking had started to grate on him, its incessant sound far more difficult to ignore than the needling from his siblings. Where the bloody hell is Gilles? The anticipation was driving him utterly mad. This was one seduction he was pursuing with slow, methodical steps.

Nor did he care to. His plan was centered on Suzanne Matchet. Full of adorable little quirks and oddities. With big, alluring brown eyes. A brilliant mind for science. And the only woman in the realm who preferred he fall off a cliff. And for a damned good reason, too. Leo frowned and grappled with his patience. But today he was on edge. It took everything inside him not to punch the wall. Something, anything to vent the frustration mountaining inside him as he waited.

And waited. What was taking Gilles so fucking long? He should have been engaged in a private meeting with Gilles right at this very moment, rather than this grating conversation with Daniel and Bernard. Also By Lila DiPasqua.


Bewitching in Boots

Bewitching in Boots is Book 6 in the series, but the stories are standalones, and can be read out of order as well. She has been fending for herself and her sister in the dangerous world of the royal court, where intrigues and backstabbing courtiers are the norm. I was a bit disappointed that we did not get to know the hero as well as Elisabeth, we mainly got to see him through her eyes: how imposing, handsome and sexy he is. I would have enjoyed learning more about his thoughts and aspirations, but I accept that with a novella the possibilities for character development are limited.


Books by Lila DiPasqua

It was not so long ago. His court was as decadent as it was opulent. A time of high culture, elegance, and excesses. The pursuit of sinful pleasures was a pastime.


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