At this point it appeared Tarrasch was winning, but 20 moves later he was forced to resign. Tarrasch claimed the wet weather was the cause of his defeat. Several months later they played a longer match in Paris, and chess historians still debate whether this was for the World Chess Championship. Lasker easily won the match 8—2 seven wins, two draws, one loss. I am afraid I will not do anything good in this match. In the fifth game Lasker had a big advantage, but committed a blunder that cost him the game.

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Besides being the champion for 27 years this record will never be beaten for sure! In his prime Lasker was so much stronger than his rivals that sometimes the scores of his world championship matches look ridiculous.

Judge for yourself: Lasker-Marshall, Lasker-Janowski, -- At least David Janowski won one game! Lasker-Janowski, 9. Here are some of the most famous: Chess is, above all, a fight. On the chessboard lies and hypocrisy do not last long. The hardest game to win is a won game. Get the knights into action before both bishops are developed. Show me three variations in the leading handbook on the openings, and I will show you two of those three that are defective.

And finally, the one that is especially important for most chess players: "When you see a good move, look for a better one! Here is a game played by two beginners: It is quite typical for many chess players to think: "I can win a bishop with a check, why should I bother looking for anything better? I bet many of you are saying right now: "I would never make such a stupid mistake.

Now, can you find the best move in the following position? And here is what happened in the real game: Before you suggest that a very strong GM, Denis Khismatullin, should hit the books on basic chess tactics, try to find the move and the whole combination he played three days later in the same tournament! So how could a tactical wizard who found an unbelievable concept against Eljanov miss a simple tactical trick vs. The explanation is very simple: GM Khismatullin saw that by playing


Lasker's Chess Wisdom‎



Common Sense in Chess


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