Well, that depends. How many paid off houses will net you the income to live the life you want to live in retirement? For most people that number is about Section 1 is all about mindset, and the basics. You will learn good business practices in this section. This is the thing that will save your sanity.

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Well, I just read it again. I truly liked his book. It is not just for landlord but for investors as well. Dan made me do several things. One is that it is such an easy read with pages. Two is that his book felt like Dan was sitting next to me, telling me his stupid mistakes. I was anxious to read it because the Table of Contents looked good and was why I ordered it. Let me tell you this.

This book is different than most books. It is right on the money! If you have been in the business a long time, you will love reading this book. Dan talks about a lot of good stuff. It is funny! It is real! I can guarantee you that I will finish this book within the next two days if not sooner.

Congratulations Dan on a marvelous book. Oh,and thanks for getting that book to me so quick! MRLandlord team. Oh…and can I say I think it is going to be a best seller!

You wait and see! The book is a quick, easy, informative read. This is a landlord book that you will finish reading. I give it a Good book. I liked the s8 stories and plumber stories etc. Congrats to you Dan. Nice readable book. We have had to deal with similar problems. Best wishes. Every day dealing with tenants and repairs kinds of stuff. Easy to look things up quickly, and all kinds of forms you will need ready to copy.

Color pictures and good writing. Most of it is about how to finish your property minimally so that a it will stand up to the abuse of Section 8 tenants, and b it will pass the section 8 inspection. Lots of good information..

This book give a lot of print to the personalities of the author and his partner and leaves a lot of section details out. I bought the first one just to see if it was worth it, and Volume 1 was fantastic so I purchased Volume 2, which is really good as well.

Looking forward to Volume 3. It is worth every dollar and more. This book really motivated me. This book is a must if you are renting to sec 8. Multi millionaires do not come knock on your door. They picked up the game real quick and are talking like Mom and Dad. However, they rented to deadbeats early, like I did when I first started in the biz. They are learning fast to do their due diligence before accepting tenants.

They will be light years ahead of me early on in their landlording careers. It is unbelievable. It is even making me rethink our screening process. And it is a blast to play with our kids. I got 9 years to find her a bargain; She wants a rental house!

God help me when my kids are landlords too. They are still playing that game! Landlord is out to crush your mushrooms! I love the game!


Landlording on AutoPilot, 2nd Edition

Shelves: real-estate , nonfiction This book is garbage. Ridiculous concepts with horrible logic and argument for said concepts. Way too many anecdotes full of superfluous background. Chapters and Chapters of stupid investing mistake stories honestly, so dumb I barely believe them. The book started off okay, with teaching depreciation, but fell into this repetitive story-transition-story format. This book is very much single family geared.


Landlording on AutoPilot, 2nd Edition by Mike Butler



Landlording on Autopilot By Mike Butler – Revised and Updated – Book Review


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