Our design allows a unique level of integration between the disciplines. This way of reviewing allows you to obtain a complete, comprehensive understanding of any given topic. The first section of the book General Principles covers the general principles of pathology, pharmacology, physiology, behavioral science, biostatistics, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, embryology, and histology. These subjects precede the organ system chapters and serve as a comprehensive foundation for the organ-specific facts that follow. The second section of the book features the following organ systems: cardiovascular; respiratory; renal and urinary; hematologic and lymphoreticular; nervous; musculoskeletal, skin and connective tissue; gastrointestinal; endocrine; and reproductive. Each chapter includes high-yield information from the disciplines corresponding to the basic science courses taken during the first two years of medical school.

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Shelves: usmle-step-1 Good book but you need an additional source like FA. This book is great for visual learners. However the ebook is with Kno and they suck. I wish Kaplan would find another partner because they are good for nothing. Sometimes this book is a great read alone but some sections like micro and pharm you should look to your FA instead. Update: the book lacks info that are very important for any Good book but you need an additional source like FA.

Update: the book lacks info that are very important for any aspiring physicians. For e. The different types of headaches are no where to be found in the book. Same as Gait disorders and the concept of different types bones fractures.

Surprisingly the first two points are present in FA Though I am not a FA fan the book is on par compared to Kaplan. As mentioned previously run to FA for micro and pharm basic science. However they did a good job by integrating the relevant pharm and micro to the body system.

The body systems have way better organisation than FA as well as the pharm and micro. This book comes with an online version in partnership with KNO a start-up company. I strongly discouraged the use of the online version since that KNO company is far to be ready for the market. Purchasing that book was a waste of money in opinion since I had the previous version and nothing really has changed to shake the earth.

If you have the previous version do not buy this 4th edition you would be wasting your money big time. Also for a 4th edition one would expect colours to be added. First aid is way ahead of kaplan in that matter.


Kaplan medEssentials for the USMLE Step 1 4th Edition PDF





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