You can obtain more information about the cookies of this website by clicking here. The new K-Prox key duplicator allows you to copy contactless keys in three simple steps. Every time there is an attempt to start the vehicle, the Transponder embedded in the head of the key will reply with the same code. This machine is designed for high volume key cutting operations that require maximum precision and durability.

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Salar General Image zoom JMA offers a full range of plastic and metal head keys for automotive and motorcycle applications. These transponders are also know as Read-Write Transponders, and are designed to be used with a cloning tool like our TRS If the code sent by the Transponder matches the code stored in the cars computer, the car will start. More powerful two-speed machining motor. General Image zoom In automotive applications, there are 2 types of Transponders.

A Transponder is an electronic device that receives and transmits electronic signals. New designs are released periodically. How do Transponders work? Tilting clamp with new insert system, making them easier to change and much simpler to adjust. Furthermore, the technology in this device means the copy process is very quick and reliable. Stainless steel handles, length mm. The advantages are numerous: This website uses our own cookies and those of third parties so you have a better experience as a user.

Spring-aided system for wave keys. If you continue navigating, we consider you accept their usage. General RKE system PKE system These are similar to previous systems, but for opening doors no functions are required as within the range close to the vehicle, they automatically open and the engine is started by switching on a button. It also includes a key counter to control the number of keys cut on the machine.

This new technology applied to copying equipment and keys themselves differentiates it from the rest, as JMA does not use batteries, external circuits or additional components that modify the standard configuration of the keys. General Image zoom For decades, JMA has worked hand in hand with original automotive and cylinder lock manufacturers from around the globe supplying them with high quality key blanks for their products.

Its robust design, the new technologies incorporated and the latest generation materials used, make it a durable key cutting machine that will always maintain its key cutting precision. Each item have been tested before ship. The integrated electric contact system allows the automatic determination of the correct depth of cut independently from the jaw or key side selected.

The applications that use transponder technology are numerous and we can highlight: The 4 sided jaws and brush make it a very complete duplicating machine. Wherever you are, or no matter your interest, we can do what you order. The transponder uses the power generated from the electromagnetic field to emit the unique code stored in its memory 4.

The supplier supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. Thanks to its compact nature, it can be used in small spaces and its speed enables a large number of keys to be produced for a growing customer base. Our JMA Line of keys includes an ever growing number of residential, commercial and automotive key blanks. These keys allow you to recover the chips from miss cut or old worn out keys and place them in our chipless keys.

This website uses our own cookies and those of third parties so you have a better experience as a user. General Image zoom We expanded our range of compatible controls for overhead doors and Access gates with our new M Series of remote controls. Rolling Code Transponders constantly change the code in their memory.

JMA has a Department of Electronics focused specifically on transponder technology that positions our company as a leader in this field. Tracer for F27 cutter F What is a transponder?

After shipping the goods,we will inform you the shipping information,including tracking number and other necessary information. Periodically, the computer in the car will write e new code on the Transponder embbeded in the key. They are the first generation of transponders used in automotive applications.

Texas Fixed Code Systems, were primarily used in the U. Easy height adjustment by means of lights. Produced by high quality material and meticulously crafted. General Descargas Image zoom Innovative technologies and latest generation materials make this copying machine resistant and precise.

By using a Transponder instead of an electronic battery operated circuit board we are able to produce a key that maintains the dimensions and visual appearence of the original key. Jma Key Cloner Transponder Chip. The X-Code, meets the standards required by the European Community CE and provides the user maximum operational safety.

Tool-holder with quick tool-change system. Heavy Duty Automatic key duplicator. JMA Products The transponedr of electronic devices known as transponders Link to what a transponder is into keys is widespread in almost all vehicles.

General Image zoom Also available is our full range of transponder keys in a chipless format for automotive and motorcycle applications. All the power buttons are located on top for easy access. Related Articles


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Kajir This electronic tool connected to the TRS allows for stand alone cloning of Texas Instruments encrypted transponders. Cloneable Transpondershave no code written on them. By using these chips in conjunction with our legendary TRS unit, you can offer tansponder customer a battery less key with an OEM key head format. The TRS will read the information written on the original key uma then write that information on the Cloneable Transponder creating an exact duplicate or clone of the original key. A Transponder is an electronic device that receives and transmits electronic signals.



Arami Our authority in this area is the most advanced worldwide, JMA being the only company able to copy or clone encrypted transponders using self-developed transponders Link to Special Transponders. General Image zoom Obtained using automated welding and forging processes on a variety of tfansponder and with different finishes. The TRS equipment can work locally, reading and copying directly all fixed code transponders, as well as identifying all those encrypted with the correct JMA reference. Anodised aluminium handles, length mm. General Image zoom JMA uses advanced materials and systems in its manufacturing processes to guarantee the dimensional features and durability of these forged keys.

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