The middle of five brothers, Muggeridge was born in Sanderstead , Surrey. While still a student, he taught for brief periods in , and at the John Ruskin Central School , Croydon, where his father was Chairman of the Governors. After graduating in with a pass degree in natural sciences, he went to India for three years to teach English Literature at Union Christian College, Aluva , Kerala. Ransome recommended Muggeridge to the editors of the Guardian, who gave him his first job in journalism. Moscow[ edit ] Initially attracted by communism , Muggeridge and his wife travelled to Moscow in He was to be a correspondent for the Manchester Guardian, standing in for William Chamberlin , who was about to take a leave of absence.

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Shelves: continuing-ed , currently-own There were parts of this book that were great. His understanding of how society has changed and the dangers of materialism are incredibly prophetic, including how he applies those to the church. But his rejection of church history, tradition, and the institutions that have developed to aid Christians in their spiritual journey are very troubling. Im not sure if he straight out denies any of the basic truths of Christianity, but he does say he is willing to reject a lot of key parts of There were parts of this book that were great.

JR is a hodgepodge collection of newspaper articles, speeches, interviews and broadcasts by the author and collected under one title. They reflect his reasons not only for converting to Christianity he was an agnostic but also for becoming a very staunchly conservative Christian.

Taken as a whole, it was a fascinating listen. Muggeridge had a keen mind, acerbic wit, and the ability to wield his pen like a sword. He was received into the Catholic Church in at age 79 along with his wife. Chapter 14 is about the ethics of heart transplants and Chapter 15 about his experiences filming a documentary at a monastery. He writes about his favorite philosophers, their lives and what they gave our world.

I admit, this is not what I was expecting from this book, given its title. I not only want to read more by this 20th century social critic and prophet, I also want to read his biography. It is a collection of his essays, sermons and talks read by Fredrick Davidson my favorite reader for BA. Muggeridge reminds me of shrewd and slightly cranky Chesterton.

But then come to think of it, shrewd also applies to G. However, I find Muggeridge easier to understand and follow than Chesterton--could just be me. Muggeridge has a deep dissatisfaction for prevailing moral values and shows precisely how and why they go contrary to who Jesus was and is. If you can find a used copy somewhere, buy it!


Malcolm Muggeridge



Jesus rediscovered


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