Pemba la, who scored first in the Royal College of Surgeons exams in London, was a comforting reassurance that we would be able to cope with and even succeed in an alien and modern world. JN Dr. Tsewang Yishey Pemba was the first Tibetan to receive British medical qualifications and the first Tibetan to obtain a fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons. He was founder of the first hospital in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan where he served as consultant physician to the Bhutanese Royal Family. Here, the young Pemba wandered the forests, scrambled about the Alpine-like valley and was brought up in the all-pervading religious daily life of Tibet. On the 6th of October , he witnessed the arrival of the new Dalai Lama, then a child, into Lhasa and sometimes, from his schoolyard, he would watch His Holiness carried by in his palanquin, within colourful, long, spectacular parades.

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My Personal Audience with His Holiness 1. I understand he later asked why I was not there? I received my private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama at in the morning of the 28th of May.

My readers will be happy to know that he was glowing with good health. I on the other hand looked like death. In in Lhasa Tan Guan San had given orders that the rebels should be wiped out and his artillery had destroyed so many of our people at Norbulingka and Chakpori and else where. After I escaped the Chinese were convinced that we Tibetans were finished, and there was nothing that I and other Tibetan exiles could do.

I just want to explain it to you. He also explained to me how many Chinese from the PRC, especially intellectuals, had now come around to understanding the Umaylam policy and were supportive of it. I interrupted him to explain that this was what Rangzen advocates and activists were tirelessly doing at every possible opportunity. I also told him about the March 10 Memorial website I had set up with the help of many TNC volunteers, that provided through rare photographs, videos, mini-bios, time-lines, and a dynamic map of Lhasa, a full account of the protest demonstrations, the battles, and escape of the Dalai Lama.

His Holiness became reflective at the mention of Kungo Tara. He then explained to me and to two officials Tsegyam la and another, by the door, that Tara was a very brave and loyal man but also a bit quirky. Tara personally dug a deep trench in the Norbulingka garden and instructed His Holiness on how he was to hide in it when the Chinese artillery barrage started. His Holiness laughed at the recollection.

His Holiness then remembered the time when after the American withdrawal of support for the resistance we had discussed where we might locate weapons and support. He remembered. I think we may have talked for over fifty minutes of more, and his Holiness seemed to be enjoying himself.

He even ventured into a theory of his, that based on the migration of the earliest humans out of Africa and their movement north to Europe and eastward to Asia, it seemed to him logical that humans had evolved in Tibet first and only later in China, which is further east.

I remembered an article in the journal Nature about a cousin of the Neanderthals, a Paleolithic-era species of the genus Homo, the Denisovans, who had mated with early Tibetans, and conferred on the Tibetan DNA make-up a special gene variant, which gives people of Tibetan ethnicity their unique ability to survive at extreme high altitudes — and I told His Holiness about it.

He was even more pleased when I told him that a Tibetan, Dr. Tsewang Tashi was a co-author of one study led by the University of Utah, on this subject. His Holiness tasked me with following up on all such discoveries and letting him know about it. Finally the audience came to an end. These will help you not to become porto before your time. Stay in good health. Before receiving his blessing chawang , I said that I had a special request for him — that all those struggling for Rangzen would receive his thumon — be in his heart and his prayers.

I offered His Holiness my heartfelt thanks and left.


Jamyang Norbu

Followers of this non-sectarian school sought to identify and make use of the best methods from the various long-competing and isolated schools of Tibetan Buddhism. This approach led to a blossoming of scholarship and writing from the s onwards. A biographical portrait of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche exists in documentary feature film form. The film came out in , and is called Words of My Perfect Teacher, [2] [3] after the English rendering of a famed work by Patrul Rinpoche. It is a portrait of the Vajrayana Buddhist student-teacher relationship. Reflecting the unusual non-sectarian tradition of the Khyentse lineage, he counts as his root-masters teachers from all four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism cf. Sakya , Gelug , Nyingma , Kagyu.


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