Max Digital Video Resolution. Video Capture Image Resolution. Network thermal imaging cameras The all-digital Sarix TI thermal imaging camera system pelcl the evolution of thermal imaging by delivering Network indoor dome cameras The Sarix Pelci Series sets a new standard for features and performance in a network dome Product comparison guide IP video solutions Choose with confidence. IP video management solutions The Endura IP VMS offers the scalability, performance, and reliability required for mission-critical surveillance applications.

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Sarix Sarix Firmware We are pleased to announce Sarix version 1. Incorporated a licensing interface, allowing users to add specialized features to their Sarix device. Contact your sales representative for more information about the features available for your Sarix device through licensing. Included a window blanking calibration feature for Spectra HD products. Calibrating blanked areas results in more accurate window blanking when controlling the camera with PTZ. Reduced the time between when a user accesses a device and when video becomes available to the user.

Improved accuracy of window blanking during pan, tilt, and zoom operations. Tailoring the period of video loss that triggers alarms allows users to prevent excessive or false alarms, and limits alarm traffic to Endura system managers.

By default, video loss alarms are triggered if the encoder does not receive a video signal or cannot determine the format of the video signal PAL or NTSC for three seconds. By default, the encoder will attempt to automatically detect the format of incoming video. If the incoming video signal is weak, it may be advantageous to select the format of incoming video. However, if the incorrect format is selected, the encoder will not receive video, and you will have to restart the encoder to correct the issue.

For thermal cameras, noise filtering is now performed prior to analytics, helping reduce the number of false analytic alarms. Corrected an issue preventing thermal cameras from meeting specified analytic ranges, notably motion and trip-wire analytics.

Improved overall system stability for uninterrupted video recording. Corrected an issue in thermal cameras causing a relay to stop in the incorrect state when triggered multiple times by an alarm in rapid succession. This call now returns a code Corrected an issue preventing the user from issuing PTZ commands through the arrow buttons in the Web interface when the HTTP port was set to a value other than the default Improved the daylight color algorithm for IM Series cameras with SureVision, increasing color accuracy at dawn and dusk.

This resulted in some objects in the field of view to appear purple following a restart. Corrected an issue that caused devices operating on firmware version 1. Corrected an issue that caused D models to become unresponsive to PTZ commands when quickly setting and editing presets.


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