She specializes in Romance and Crime Novels and has had a high level of success. She was born April 7th , she is married and has a son called Roy, who she collaborates with on some of her later novels and a daughter called Tamara who now works as her research assistant A late Beginning Johansen did not start writing until later on in her life. She needed something to do once her children had left home. What started out as a hobby quickly became a very successful career and she is still publishing today. She started out writing romance novels and she was first published in with Touch the Horizon.

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Jan 25, Kristina Van Hoose rated it did not like it I picked up this book after enjoying The Search by the same author, but reading the two stories, one would never guess they were written by the same author. Quicksand follows Eve Duncan, a forensic specialist who spends her time reconstructing bodies with wax faces in order to help identify them. She began this career sometime after losing her own child Bonnie. Quicksand is a boring read to put it bluntly.

The only thing that kept me reading was my personal goal of reading 50 books over the course of a year. Well, that and I kept hoping it would get better. Eve Duncan is by far one of the most annoying characters I have yet to come across in a book. However, Joe refuses to put Eve in danger, and therefore chooses to be more proactive about everything in order to find Bonnie.

I should be able to go after her killer. I hate just sitting here doing nothing Joe! Let me do something! Change your mind Joe. Let me do this alone! Honestly, Eve, you are a bit helpless. Eve has to stay and watch Megan though, the psychic who is undergoing serious trauma listening to the deaths of all these children. Eve, in her stupidity, decides it would be an excellent idea to follow Joe and therefore put herself and Megan in danger. Way to go, dumbass.

I wonder if Johansen realized this. Now, this love triangle between Eve, Joe, and Montalvo is intriguing, I suppose. Or at least, it would be if Johansen would show readers why the characters love each other in the first place.

However, there is no indication of deep love between the two characters. At the same time though, Joe is out there trying to find Bonnie too. How then is Eve still looking? There is no rationale behind what he does, which makes him a flat character and completely unoriginal. I would have been happier if the story was about Laura Ann, Miguel, and Montalvo.

The three of them were at least interesting to read about, and their sections in the story made it worth reading. Unfortunately, the remaining sections made me want to throw the book at the wall.


Iris Johansen – Quicksand



Iris Johansen – Shattered Mirror






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