Minutes Seconds Get European train times with the Interrail train timetable, the perfect tool for planning your rail trip. These restrictions include reduced timetables for domestic trains, cancellations of international trains, and complete lockdowns in some countries. Consequently, our timetable is not fully accurate at this time. Instead, you can use these alternative channels: For general information about the situation in each country, you can check the regularly updated Travel Disruptions section of our Coronavirus information page.

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How does an InterRail pass work? Free travel in your home country is limited to just 2 trips Although there is no requirement that the return trip has to be to the same station you started from at the beginning of your travels.

This domestic journey can involve more than one train, but must be a continuous single journey between a point of origin for example your home station and a border, airport or ferry port.

This forms part of your normal free travel allowance, it is not additional, so you need to record the journey on your InterRail journey form as normal and if you have a flexi pass this uses up a travel day on your pass - but of course this one travel day lasts from midnight to midnight and you can use as many trains as you like in that time. So if you live in Great Britain, one pass day would cover you for a train journey from your home station to London then a Eurostar passholder journey to Paris or Brussels, then any onward trains beyond Paris or Brussels made that same day.

However, Eurostar counts as a train in your home country, so it would not be OK to travel up to London, stay overnight and take Eurostar next day as this would be two trips.

Passholder places are controlled by quota, but should have wide availability if you book well in advance and reasonable availability even on the day of travel, although at busy times not all trains will have passholder places available I can tell you that the quota sits in the 3rd price bucket down from the top out of a dozen buckets, so is widely available even at short notice, but not on the busiest trains, and occasionally not at all on very busy dates.

Yes, if you have a flexi-type pass, a journey with one of these Eurostar passholder fares requires you to use of your travel days, although of course you can use other trains as well in the course of the same day. Alternatively, take a ferry to mainland Europe If you prefer to travel by ferry rather than Eurostar, or if you find all the cheap Eurostar fares sold out, there is a cheap ferry option.

An InterRail pass gives unlimited free travel on all the train services run by the national train operator in each of the countries it covers. InterRail passes also cover certain private operators, especially in Switzerland, see the country-by-country guide. An InterRail pass does not give free travel on underground trains, buses, trams or metros in big cities as these are usually run by an urban transit authority, nor on some small private train operators such as Euskotren narrow-gauge trains in Spain or the Circumvesuviana railway in Italy Naples-Pompeii-Sorrento.

A leaflet comes with your pass and explains the details, or see the country-by-country guide. How to find train times around Europe on which you can use your InterRail pass Use the excellent German Railways online timetable at www. It covers pretty much the whole of Europe. As a general rule, any train shown in its database can be used with an InterRail pass, although supplements or special fares must be paid on some.

It will also show which trains have compulsory reservations. Go to eurailgroup. This is this a great Europe-wide timetable app which you can use to check train times whilst on the move as the timetable works offline, with no mobile data costs. What about ferries within Europe, for example to Greece? A few euros for port taxes needs to be paid, and cabin berths are extra.

Continuous passes are valid for as many journeys and as much train travel as you want to cram in for the whole of their period of validity, which starts on the date you specify when you buy the pass. What does an InterRail pass look like? The real thing will be printed on security-background ticket stock. As you can see, the overall validity period here is from 29 February to 28 April, and there are 10 spaces marked 1 to Each box gives free travel from midnight to midnight or beyond midnight when using a sleeper train , subject to paying any reservation fees or surcharges of course.

The InterRail train travel diary: You simply need to fill this out each time you board a train. You can ask for more pages at any main station if you run out of space. Larger image. Filling in the InterRail travel diary But you need to jot down the date, time, starting point and destination each time you board a train on the InterRail train travel diary that comes with your pass.

This is used for market research purposes when you send it in after your trip. If you run out of space, you can ask for more pages at any main station. To make it clear, Brussels to Nuremberg with a change in Frankfurt requires two separate entries, Brussels-Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Nuremberg.

When must you make reservation s? You can just hop on some trains spontaneously, sit where you like and show your pass to the conductor when he comes round. The country-by-country guide explains which specific trains require a reservation in each country and roughly how much it costs, but here are a few simple rules of thumb for planning purposes Local, suburban or regional trains You can just hop on, find an empty seat and show your InterRail pass when asked, nothing extra to pay.

SuperCity trains in the Czech Republic require reservation. And international journeys from these countries to or from France, Italy or Spain do require compulsory seat reservation and usually a supplement or special fare. Remember to factor these fees into your budget. This makes it relatively expensive and inconvenient to use these particular trains with a pass.

Only very rarely at very busy times or dates do trains get full. See the country-by-country guide. With InterRail flexi passes, an overnight train only uses up one travel day, see here to learn how this works. Sleepers are hotels on rails, with proper beds and washbasin, 1, 2, 3, or occasionally 4 beds per compartment. Some overnight trains only have couchettes and sleepers, no ordinary seats, some also have seats, but ALWAYS budget for at least a couchette on overnight trains, for both comfort and security.

A Flexi pass day normally runs from midnight to midnight. But if you board any overnight train before midnight, and do not change trains after midnight, you only need to use one day on a Flexi pass, the day of departure.

It no longer matters what time your sleeper train leaves on day 1, or what time it arrives on day 2. The date you write on your pass is that of day 1. As normal, you get unlimited travel from midnight to midnight on day 1, so can take other trains on day 1 in addition to the sleeper train, all on the same pass day.

You can then continue your journey on that direct overnight train until you get off at your destination on Day 2. The only proviso is that you cannot change trains after midnight, and that both the departure day and arrival day must fall within the overall validity period of the pass.

On the other hand, if you wanted to take an onward train on 2nd August after alighting from the sleeper, that means using up another travel day on your pass, this time dated 2nd August.

Got it? Making reservations at stations You can make reservations at any station ticket office as you travel around on your InterRail pass. For example, you can ask for a Paris-Barcelona sleeper reservation at the international booking office in Brussels, or a Milan-Zurich reservation at the ticket office in Berlin. I would not recommend leaving it until close to departure date to make reservations for these yet having to book in advance sort of negates the point of a pass, right?

How to make reservations online Different operators use different systems, and most operator websites only sell regular tickets, no passholder reservations. In many cases you cannot reserve online anywhere, you need to reserve at the station or by phone from an agency who will charge you a booking fee on top of the reservation fee.

However, some passholder reservations can be made online, with no added booking fees, and either printed out or collected at the station. Select the country where the journey you want to book starts. How to make reservations by phone For trains within France, Spain, Switzerland and between France, Spain and neighbouring countries, call International Rail on 3 or TrainsEurope on , office hours Monday-Friday in both cases.

Each box gives free travel from midnight to midnight, subject to paying any reservation fees or surcharges of course. Overnight trains only use up one pass day, see the explanation here. Courtesy of Rail Europe. The InterRail train travel report: You simply need to fill this out each time you board a train. Tips for finding hotels in Europe Any hotel with a review score over 8.

Hotels will almost always look after your bags for free if you need to check out and catch an afternoon or evening train, or if you arrive in the morning before you can check in to your room. Hostelworld www. How to buy an InterRail pass Buy an InterRail pass online The easiest way to buy your InterRail pass is online at either www.

I recommend comparing prices on each of these sites, as prices and delivery charges vary between vendors. After buying a pass from any retailer, you can make advance reservations as shown above.

To buy a Eurostar passholder fare online to go with your pass, see the Eurostar passholder information here. Buy an InterRail online at www. You can of course just pick up the phone and buy an InterRail pass and any reservations together.

Call International Rail on 3. Lines are open Monday-Friday. Find out more about InterRail Your InterRail pass can be refunded less an admin charge if returned before the first day of validity, but it cannot be refunded or replaced if you lose it! Other railpasses Other passes worth knowing about InterRail is the main pass range for European residents, but several countries also have their own national railpasses which can be worth knowing about.

Swiss passes cover one or two more very minor private operators than InterRail does, plus things like postbuses and some boats. You can check Swiss point-to-point fares at www. Is an InterRail cheaper? The pass covers a specific number of journeys, from 4 to 12 trips in one month, rather than unlimited travel, but unlike InterRail passes, there are no extra fees to pay for reservations, although reservations must still be made.

You can buy the pass online at www. Choose 1st or 2nd class.


Interrail Train Timetable

Interrail ferries Interrail ferries The list of ferries included in Interrail. Plus additional, helpful ferry connections. Where to book and how much to pay extra. Ferries are an important means of transport on many Interrail trips. They complement existing train lines and allow shortcuts across the sea where trains would have to travel much longer. A number of ferries is included in Interrail port and fuel taxes might have to be paid separately and many ferries offer discounts for Interrail pass holders. If a ferry is free with Interrail you have to fill in a travel day.


Long-distance service changes

Minutes Seconds Find European train times with the Eurail timetable, the perfect tool for planning your rail trip. Search for train routes between thousands of European towns and cities Look up train departure and arrival times Easily identify which trains you need to reserve. Find out all about train reservations. These restrictions include reduced timetables for domestic trains, cancellations of international trains, and complete lockdowns in some countries. Consequently, our timetable is not fully accurate at this time.


Interrail ferries


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