The series centers around Meggie Folchart and her father, Mo. Mo is gifted with the ability to cause anything he reads aloud to appear in front of him. He believes it only applies to inanimate objects until one evening while reading to his wife he accidentally brings to life a fictional Evil Overlord named Capricorn, along with his knife-happy Dragon , Basta, and the scarred fire-eater Dustfinger. At the same time, Mo accidentally sends his wife into the fictional universe, trapping her there.

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When I started my encyclopedia for MirrorWorld , creating A4 notebooks with quotes, images, etc about all my creatures, characters, locations etc to not get lost in this ever growing world, I noticed creatures and motifs that reminded me very much of Inkworld. There are very different rules and powers once you leave that region - the rules I observed in MirrorWorld.

I wrote three short stories which are already published in German and Italian about this connection: How a book bound in silver brought the Silvertongues to our world which was created by Alder Elves. How Fenoglio learns that Orpheus is still alive and sending his glass man out as a spy. Mirada and I plan to explore this in another app that focuses on Inkworld next year. All three books of the trilogy has a consistent German audiobook version published by Jumbo-Verlag , all read by Rainer Strecker.

Only one film was made, Inkheart. Sandra M. According to Cornelia Funke, [6] she had a hand in the process and close collaboration with the translator of the trilogy, Anthea Bell , during the process of translating the trilogy from German to English.

Bell would ask detailed questions via email, sometimes so detailed that let Funke see her story even clearer.


Inkworld Series

Love Makes You Dumb : Orpheus thinks so, and uses it against his enemies. Love Triangle : Poor Meggie is such a teenage girl. Mama Bear : Resa and Roxane both have their moments. Manipulative Bastard : Orpheus. These lines also mirror the change in tone between the first and third books. Meaningful Name Also goes for certain nicknames, like "Silvertongue" for Mo.


Inkworld trilogy

I really enjoyed Inkheart and Inkspell, so I expected to like this bookInkdeathequally as well. Looking at the cover of Inkdeath, I could see the outline of a skull. Inside the skull was a blurry image of a castle, a unicorn, a magpie and some greenery. Outside the skull a spooky looking butterfly with a skeleton head, a spider with a skeleton head superimposed on its abdomen, and a red fairy or butterfly share the cover with some black and white roses. The tone of the cover is very ominous and for readers who know the story, there is expectation that this tome will be filled with death. During reading: Once again, as with the previous books in this trilogy, I was forced to go back to the cast of characters time and again to keep them straight.

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