Striking industrial design The HK fuses many appealing exterior ingredients to evoke architectural excellence. A dot-matrix display with easy-to-read navigation menus relays artist information, track numbers and volume levels. XM radio lets you access additional stations with exclusive satellite-radio content, much of which is commercial-free. In addition, Dolby Headphone technology recreates a rich audio soundstage using your conventional stereo headphones. High-quality phono input A high-quality phono input enables connection to record players fitted with an MM moving magnet cartridge to breathe new life into your vinyl collection of LPs and 45s, letting you hear all those classic albums and singles in the best audio quality.

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Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Connection to a line voltage other than that for which it is intended can create a safety and fire hazard and may damage the unit. If you have any questions about the voltage requirements for your specific model, or about the line voltage in your area, contact your selling dealer before plugging the unit into a wall outlet.

Thank you for choosing Harman Kardon! In the years since Harman Kardon invented the high-fidelity receiver, we have taken to heart the philosophy of bringing the joy of home entertainment to as many people as possible, all the while improving performance and adding features. When power is turned off, the LED is amber to indicate that the receiver is plugged in and ready to be turned on. When the receiver is turned on, the LED turns white. Power Switch: This electrical switch turns the receiver on for playback, or leaves it in Standby mode for quick turn-on using the NOTE: The Video 3 source has inputs on both the front and rear panels of the HK , and you may connect different devices to each set of inputs.

Do not connect a turntable to these jacks unless you are using the turntable with a phono preamp. When your recorder features three-head or off-head playback, you may monitor a recording as it is being made. Each time you wish to use the codes for any component, first press its Selector Button. Press the Memory Button to complete the process and let the HK return to normal operation.

Page Connections There are different types of audio and video connections used to connect the receiver to the speakers and video display, and to connect the source devices to the receiver.

To make it easier to keep them all straight, the Consumer Electronics Association has established a CEA color-coding standard. Separate connections are required for the audio and video portions of the signal.

Audio Connections There are two formats for audio connections: digital and analog. Page Speaker Placement Before you begin to connect cables, it is important to set up your speakers in their correct locations in the room. See Figure Optimally, the front left and right speakers are placed the same distance from each other as from the listening position, or about 60 degrees apart, and angled toward the listener. Before beginning, make sure that all components, including the HK , are turned completely off and their power cords are unplugged.

Page 19 We recommend you follow the guidelines in Table A1 when connecting various source components to the HK You may have observed that the HK does not feature surround sound decoding, other than Dolby Virtual Speaker. To view video or images played by your source devices, connect the Video Monitor Output of the HK to a Composite Video Input on your television or video display.

Page Operation Now that you have installed your system components, you are ready to begin enjoying your new audio system.

This indicates that the HK is in Standby mode and is ready to be turned on. Page Headphones OPERATION should be heard most clearly at a point exactly midway between the left and right speakers, unless the artist has mixed the recording in a way that pans sounds to one side or the other. If your speakers are not placed the same distance from the listening position, or if your room has other unusual characteristics, gently press the Balance Control knob until it unlatches and pops out.

It is not possible to view video while listening to an audio-only source. Press the Memory Button on the remote to complete the process and let the HK return to normal operation. Unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials is prohibited by federal law. Dim Function Some people find the front-panel messages distracting and would prefer to dim them or turn them off altogether.

To dim the display, press the Dim Button on the front panel or remote. All rights reserved. Part No. This manual is also suitable for:.


Harman Kardon HK 3490 Receivers

Some listeners want a high-quality stereo music-only system. It delivers a robust watts per channel into eight ohms wpc into four ohms. Its rear and front panel provide seven analog audio inputs, including a phono input for those listeners who want to enjoy their vinyl the phono input accommodates moving-magnet phono cartridges. The receiver offers Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone processing that provides a surround sound listening experience from stereo loudspeakers or from headphones. The Harman Kardon HK is unusually good-looking for a stereo receiver or any audio component, for that matter , with curved side panels and a gloss-black and dark gray front panel that give it a sleek, stylish look.


Harman-Kardon Harman/kardon HK3490 Owner's Manual

Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions.


harman/kardon HK 3490 Stereo Receiver Review


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