Dataur Power out from Radiomuseum. As The Best, Ltd always insures all packages, the shipping company takes full responsibility for lost or damaged packages excluding incidents of inclement weather or natural disaster and we will make all efforts to assist you with your claim. Calculer Varie selon le lieu et le mode de livraison. We set this up on our test bench and it produced 3 nice crisp scans. An item hamef does not function as intended or is not fully operational.

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It never worked with the cover off but recently its been on the frits more and more. Now it basically does not work anymore expect for a very brief moment were you impact the y amplifier board with a large amount of force. Obviously such a nice scope is of little use if you can only use it in single shot capture mode :p When not being impacted with sudden force the trace never gets above the bottom half of the crt and you have to crank the y position to max to see anything.

I have found the relevant service manuals and can link them in if anyone wants. Its like someone stuck another front panel on this scope and pretended it was an hm Luckily if you squeeze your eyes hard enough you can manage to identify each boards purpose.

This allowed me to identify the y amplifier and its two drive signals coming in called y1 and y2. This whole board is basically mirrored along the middle one side for each drive signal. So I figured one side is clearly working just trace down the signals across all transistors until I see a difference.

I was also really surprised how badly the circuit diagram and board layouts match the actual scope. Kind regards,.


Hameg: hm1005

P 1 Operating Instructions General information M 1 Use of tilt handle M 1 Safety M 1 Operating Conditions M2 Warranty


Oscilloscope HM1005



Hameg: HM1005 deutsch


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