KG Page 6 Bauanleitung Vor dem Bau 6. Dazu ist die Abb. Page 7 Bauanleitung Page 8 Bauanleitung Montieren Sie Ihr Modell flugfertig und setzen den Antriebsakku ein.

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Kekazahn Featuring a maximum cont. Finishing the FunJet Ultra requires one to button up the installation of the decals, apply velcro to the floor of the fuselage for battery retention, set the models CG, and check the direction of the control surfaces travel and their throws. Aileron, elevator delta mixer required and throttle. This is unquestionably my next FunJET. Got funjst notice this afternoon ulltra mine has been delivered to my house.

Since we, as manufacturers, have no control over the construction, maintenance and operation of our products, we hereby expressly point out these hazards and emphasise your personal responsibility.

Installing the wings on the Ultra FunJet is a snap, and starts by seating the servos in their pre-formed servo bays on the underside of the wing. Jul 01, Why does this small foam airframe cost so much? Batteries in place, and ready to tear up the sky the FunJet shows right around watts on my trusty wattmeter Hi, How much does you Funjet Ultra weight?

The fuselage consists of 3 major pieces including the primary fuselage, canopy, and turtledeck. We are constantly working on improving our models, and for this reason we must reserve the right to change the kit contents in terms of shape or dimensions of parts, technology, materials and fittings, without amnual notification. Psycho Synapse Gravity Fighter. The provided hardware all appears to be of the high standards Multiplex are known for, and the decals are thick and very ultrra colored.

I saw that your review said 31oz, was that the manufacturers details or the weight of the actual model? Jun 30, Fantastic job as always, Don! The provided ESC is rated at 70 amps and comes with a Multiplex style battery connector. I have had 2 funjets and while their are some that use edf to avoid the prop I have never had an incident and the manyal performance is impressive. After blasting the FunJet Ultra after around the sky at over miles per hour for 3 or 4 minutes, when it comes time to land it feels like things are happening in slow motion.

Installing uotra vertical stabs on this model is as simple as pushing them into their pre-slotted holes in the fuselage and securing them in place with glue of your choice. Images View all Images in thread. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.

Chubbum We can trim it out. If you find any part is not acceptable for any reason, we will readily correct or exchange it after we have checked it. At this point verify everything is tight, and that your prop is rotating in the right direction. Not only is the packing job really nice, Multiplex has done a great job in keeping the part count low. Remember Me Forgot Password? C — brushless motor. TOP Related.


Multiplex FunJet Instruction Manual



Multiplex Funjet Building Instructions



Multiplex FunJet 2 Assembly Instructions Manual


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