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Congratulations on your purchase of the FTR! Whether this is your first rig, or if Yaesu equipment is already the backbone of your station, the Vertex Standard organization is committed to ensuring your enjoyment of this high-performance transceiver, which should provide you with many years of satisfying operation. It is presumed that you possess technical knowledge and conceptual understanding consistent with your status as a licensed radio amateur.

Safety Information The FTR is an electrical apparatus, as well as a generator of RF Radio Frequency energy, and you should exercise all safety precautions as are appropriate for this type of device.

The antenna or a 50 Ohm dummy load should be connected whenever the transceiver is turned on, to avoid damage that could otherwise result if transmission occurs accidentally without an antenna. Page 6 Warning! When replacing the fuse, only use a A fuse. Failure to observe these safety precautions will void the Limited Warranty on this product. The FTR is specifically designed to integrate into your station easily, using the information to follow as a reference.

If receiving on a memory, pressing this key the first time activates the Memory Tuning mode, and pressing it again enables 1-MHz steps. Page 10 R. Says: Hi! After this interval, the display will switch its normal indication of the operating frequency. To turn the transceiver off, again press and hold in the PWR key for one second. The scanning direction will be reversed. To revert to scanning toward a higher frequency once more, rotate the DIAL knob one click clockwise.

These power levels will be stored, in memory registers, at the time of memory storage see page 30 for details on Memory operation. Page 15 Full Scale on the S-meter. Repeater Operation The FTR includes a host of convenience features which makes operation on amateur repeaters both efficient and enjoyable.

This transceiver offers three methods of setting up split-frequency operation on The ARS function is preset at the factory to conform to the standards for the country to which it is exported. Says: The FTR does not recognize the order of the 1st tone and the 2nd tone. Page 23 Select the desired operating mode from the selections shown above.

These DTMF Autodialer memories can store up to 16 digits of a telephone number for repeater autopatch or other use. If you wish to store another DTMF string, repeat steps 2 through 6 above. Press and hold in the [MHz SET ] key for one second to save the new setting and exit to normal operation. A total of memories are available, and each may be appended with an alpha-numeric label of up to six characters, for quick channel recognition.

When more than one memory has been stored, use the DIAL knob to select any of the programmed memories for operation. Page 28 Memory Bank Operation The large number of memories available in the FTR could be difficult to utilize without some means of organizing them. Fortunately, the FTR includes provision for dividing the memories into as many as eight Memory Banks, so you can categorize the memories in a manner convenient to you.

The memories stored in the various Banks will remain in those banks, however; you do not need to store them again. Page 30 To return to normal operation, repeat the above power-on procedure. Basic Scanner Operation Before activating the scanner, make sure that the Squelch is set to silence the background noise when no signal is present.

Memory Skip Scanning When you have some continuously-active channels in memories, you may wish to skip them for scanning, but still have them available for manual selection. Page 36 R. This yields a long period of monitoring time, as no power will be consumed via audio output while scanning for the Alert Tone is in progress.


YAESU FT-2900R Operating Manual



Desk Mic For Yaesu FT-2900R



Yaesu FT-2900R Operating Manual



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