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He is an educator, business consultant, and a much sought after speaker. His 25 Years of research, understanding and experience has helped people on the path of personal growth and fulfilment. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows. They do things differently. After getting independence from British rulers, what kind of issues society and people of this country faces.

People need to be aware about social issues and try to eradicate that in order to remove hindrance in the path of success and bright future of country. Author had started with making reader to imagine India with bright future, caring society, leading the world in many areas of business and technology, etc.

India has talented people, natural resources, a functioning democracy and appetite for growth and development. But still India is very far away for achieving all above dreams.

Certain reasons can be stated as; people of this country are Guajarati, Punjabi, Bengali or Madrasee but not an Indian. Here countries environment is full of corruption.

Jobs for sale, Education for sale, inadequate judiciary, politics which do not allow honest people to work properly. The success of Nation does not depend upon its potential alone, but the quality of its people and their actual performance. There are various factors directly affecting development of nation like a feeling of patriotism, committed political parties, and judiciary working for justice, custodian citizen and culture.

Through various real incidences of freedom fighters author tries to explain different forms of patriots- seasonal patriots and true patriots. Due to ignorance of higher authorities and corrupt officers an honest person has to face failure and have to pay for being honest. On the other side traitors in the society betray their nation for lust and luxury. Our politicians are behaving in same way and some people like Muhammad Of Ghur, Mir Jafar, Benedict Arnold in past sold military secrets, give wrong directions just to satisfy own greed , jealously.

And at the end kingdom and his people have to face lots of difficulties. Corruption is a natural outcome, when people have power without principles. Priest and politicians both have high status and power in society. They are leaders and have many followers. But politician are corrupted and priest considered a religion- a way to extort and exploit. They abuse their power and prestige to enslave humanity and destroy freedom. Author had explained various past incidences that how people enjoying their position exploited other people — Galileo discovered that it was the earth that revolved around sun.

Pope ordered him to reverse this statement and agree with what was written in the Bible. Jinnah, who created Pakistan used religion as a tool. So, here if every citizen become active against it and works with unity than collectively they can go against politicians and priests.

Politics is about the creation and distribution of power and not to misuse it. Being a member of society everyone should follow rules. A role of family, community and schools is to distribute social and moral values. If each family, community and schools become serious about their roles than they can educate young generation in real sense and create a social capital and better citizen. Other than above the following aspects were mentioned with real life examples incidences taken from newspapers in this book: Role of Parents to in inculcating value in their children.

Roles and responsibilities of citizens towards their country. Building up trust and credibility among members of society Corruption and bureaucracy Behavioural pattern hurting society: Ego, Jealousy, Indifference, Fatalistic Attitude and atonement History proves that losing moral bonds is often the first stage of disintegration of civil society.

The craving for materialism and status, the greed for money and power, combined with low moral values are breeding grounds for corruption. Various facts of scams and scandals in present country were discussed with incidences taken from news paper and reviews. Indian tradition teaches people how to live in a society. Sikhism had given 3 pillars as dignity of labour, the fruit of honest and share with our fellowmen. Because if second chance is given to Karna, he surely attempt to kill Arjuna.

The same thing can be applicable to all that evil people and making them disarmed and kill rather than giving them second chance to harm other people. This could be a better option to treat criminals. Humanity and Nation should be considered above all religion. Through this book author wants to say that there is a way out of this corruption and injustice and make society free from this but for they every common man has to stand up and fight for principles so that all Indians can be led to dignity and prosperity.

This book is thought provoking for each reader and encouraging for taking action against corruption. Politicians can use their power, but if every responsible citizen unite and use their right to vote and choose appropriate leader than they can take out power from politician. Now, without politicians are helpless. In real sense if every Indian wanted to follow the pledge of country, they should read this book and take an action against corrupt people.

This book will provide guidelines and directions for such people. Being a parent, teacher or elder person in society one can inculcate moral values in children so that in future they will develop an outlook regarding dreadful effects of corruption and other social issues.

In this way they can contribute to growth and development of country. Share this:.


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Freedom Is Not Free


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