The three women who are the first characters on the stage, one of them nursing a sick bird, also suggest mythic figures: the Three Graces or the Judgement of Paris; and their presence in the graveyard recalls the three Marys at the tomb of Christ. As the plot unfolds, the goddesses in the Judgement of Paris — Hera, goddess of marriage and childbirth, Aphrodite goddess of love and Athene goddess of wisdom — suggest the particular qualities and histories of these three female characters. The women are waiting for the dead to rise. The opening scene, in its setting and in the presence of the women, evokes tragedy, grief, and the potential for resurrection. Carthaginians tells the story of seven men and women from Derry and their individual responses to the events of Bloody Sunday.

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Dolar Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And that is what I think they are, these stories that have haunted us: Archived from the original on 20 September While focusing on the Joyce family, the book also includes a portrait of the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett, a friend of the Joyces. Frank McGuinness Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Talking of which… For a northern Protestant according to my equal opportunities box anywayCarthaginians is at times an uncomfortable watch.

Presses universitaires de Caen. There are no Protestant characters, only caricatures mercilessly mugged by the cast. Lucia McAnespie as Greta stands out, all sharp hand actions and pitiless words, her revelatory story a compelling, eye-pricking moment. These higher-toned people are a contrast to carthaginias lower-class Irish we see in dramas by that other popular Irish playwright, Martin McDonagh.

John O rated it it was amazing May 06, And McGuinness relies on quiet contemplative moments rather than on shocking action. His research focuses on contemporary Irish theatre. Catalogue Author s Publishers Selections Excerpts. If a print edition of the book is available, links to bookstores will be displayed on this page. Faber and Faber, Sign up for our newsletter.

Koen Van de Wiele added it May 12, Inin Derry, British soldiers shot unarmed civilians who were taking part in a march against internment, and killed 14 people. Pay our writers for professional content. Feel free to give our address: By using this site, you agree to carthaginianx Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sean Cooke rated it liked it Jan 03, MikoMikul added it Dec 03, These characters are, however, steadfast in their contempt for Protestants and the British.

All in all, a moving evening, and how could an elegy for Derry and Bloody Sunday not be. TOP 10 Related.



A child abused, a parent lost, a family suicide, the pain exposed in the telling has been a tangible presence in the room, something that can be touched. It catches in the throat. It seeps into the skin. It makes you want to offer comfort, yet also to run away. Carthaginians is primarily a play about pain, about making the audience feel. All of the characters, as they wait in Creggan graveyard for the dead to rise, retch up their agonies, one by one, the painful truth eventually spewing out.


Carthaginians & Baglady

He was educated locally and at University College Dublin , where he studied Pure English and medieval studies to postgraduate level. He has also written new versions of classic dramas, including works by Henrik Ibsen , Anton Chekhov , and Euripides , adapting the literal translations of others. I would have loved to have been Paul McCartney

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His research focuses on contemporary Irish theatre. Professor Frank McGuinness [1] [2] born is an Irish writer. Steven Chang marked it as to-read Aug 06, Matylda Tyler added it Dec 03, Retrieved on 25 June Overseeing proceedings is the fabulous creation of Dido, Queen of Carthage aka Derrygay jester, opportunist and agent provocateur, the countercultural foil to the misery and suffering. It is doubly discomfiting to recognise an underlying truth in the stereotype, but then having no rounded, mcguinnesss characters to offset the exaggeration. It mxguinness turns out that the dead to be resurrected are themselves, the mourners, showing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder such as survivor guilt, suicidal inclinations, feelings of foreshortened life and death in life. McGuinness uses far fewer curse words.


Theatrical events have taken place in cemeteries before, but never has such a setting been so essential to a play. Carthaginians is a drama about contemporary Irish gathering in a graveyard to talk about death and resurrection as they try to resolve their bitterness after British troops fired on protesting Irish on Bloody Sunday in The play, for the most part, is pastoral and quiet— suitable for characters sitting on the grass rather than strutting on a stage. This production even integrated itself into the surroundings by having some cast members sit among the onlookers so we thought they were one of us until they started speaking. This is Northern Ireland in the s, and monolithic belief in Catholic doctrine is no longer absolute. These people are well read and cognizant of history such as the Roman war against Carthage as well as The Flintstones on TV. These characters are, however, steadfast in their contempt for Protestants and the British.

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