Since its founding in , Fluke has helped define and grow a unique technology market, providing testing and troubleshooting capabilities that have grown to mission critical status in manufacturing and service industries. Every new manufacturing plant, office, hospital, or facility built today represents another potential customer for Fluke products. From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service, to precision measurement and quality control, Fluke tools help keep business and industry around the globe up and running. Typical customers and users include technicians, engineers, metrologists, medical-device manufacturers, and computer network professionals, people who stake their reputations on their tools, and use tools to help extend their personal power and abilities. Our sales staff and our technicians are Fluke trained and we hold perhaps the largest stock of their products in the country.

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Setting up a data logging session only takes a few steps! This function allows the user to capture these input values in order to evaluate a wide range of signal anomalies. The feature allows the user to not have to upload their data computer to view them.

Users can graphically view information directly on the meter. Multimeter measurements on adjustable speed drives In the past, motor repair meant dealing with traditional three-phase motor failures that were largely the result of water, dust, grease, failed bearings, misaligned motor shafts, or just plain old age.

But motor repair has changed in a big way with the introduction of electronically controlled motors, more commonly referred to as adjustable speed drives ASDs. These drives present a unique set of measurement problems that can vex the most seasoned pro. Thanks to new technology, now for the first time you can take accurate electrical measurements with a DMM during the installation and maintenance of a drive and diagnose bad components and other conditions that may lead to premature failure.

Troubleshooting philosophy Technicians use many different methods to troubleshoot an electrical circuit, and a good troubleshooter will always find the problem - eventually. The trick is tracking it down quickly and keeping downtime to a minimum.

The most efficient troubleshooting procedure begins at the motor and then works systematically back to the electrical source, looking for the most obvious problems first. A lot of time and money can be wasted replacing perfectly good parts when the problem is simply a loose connection. As you go, take care to take accurate measurements. Likewise, choosing the right test tools for troubleshooting the drive, the motor, and the connections is of utmost importance.

This is especially true when taking voltage, frequency and current measurements on the output side of the motor drive. A significant unbalance may lead to erratic drive operation and should be corrected when discovered.

The causes of this discrepancy are bandwidth and shielding. With the incorporated selectable low pass filter, allows troubleshooters to take accurate voltage, current and frequency measurements on the output side of the drive at either the drive itself or the motor terminals.

With the filter selected, the readings for both voltage and frequency motor speed should agree with the associated drive control display indications, if available. The low pass filter also allows for accurate current measurements when used with Hall-effect type clamps. Taking safe measurements Before taking any electrical measurements, be sure you understand how to take them safely. No test instrument is completely safe if used improperly, and many test instruments are not appropriate for testing adjustable speed drives.

Also make sure to use the appropriate personal protective equipment PPE for your specific working environment and measurements. If at all possible, never work alone. Safety ratings for electrical test equipment.


Fluke 80BK-A Integrated DMM Temperature Probe


IEC 60318 4 PDF




Sonde aérienne K Fluke 80BK-A -40 à +260 °C Etalonnage dusine (sans certificat)


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