Many recent U. Nearly half of the sides included here date from before This allows the listener to follow the growth of young Thomas Waller and to arrive at a greater appreciation of his impact upon the world. Here is Fats cutting a hot piano solo at the age of 19, daring to play such stuff on the pipe organ a few years later, and incorporating both instruments into hot ensembles, resulting in some of the toughest records of the entire decade. For these are masterpieces worth contemplating over and over again. Nine examples of Waller and his Rhythm recorded in and round off the album beautifully.

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Early life[ edit ] Waller was the seventh child of 11 five of whom survived childhood born to Adeline Locket Waller, a musician, and Reverend Edward Martin Waller, a trucker and pastor in New York City. His mother instructed him in his youth, and he attended other music lessons, paying for them by working in a grocery store. He was the prize pupil and later the friend and colleague of the stride pianist James P. Fellow pianist and composer Oscar Levant dubbed Waller "the black Horowitz ".

The song was made famous by Adelaide Hall in the Broadway show Blackbirds of Machlin comments that the Singer conjecture has "considerable [historical] justification". Razaf described his partner as "the soul of melody Problems playing this file? See media help. On one occasion his playing seemed to have put him at risk of injury.

Waller was kidnapped in Chicago leaving a performance in Four men bundled him into a car and took him to the Hawthorne Inn, owned by Al Capone. Waller was ordered inside the building, and found a party in full swing. Gun to his back, he was pushed towards a piano, and told to play.

It is rumored that Waller stayed at the Hawthorne Inn for three days and left very drunk, extremely tired, and had earned thousands of dollars in cash from Capone and other party-goers as tips. Louis Blues " and his own composition, "Lenox Avenue Blues". He appeared in several feature films and short subject films, most notably Stormy Weather in , which was released July 21, just months before his death.

Waller performed Bach organ pieces for small groups on occasion. He influenced many pre- bebop jazz pianists; Count Basie and Erroll Garner have both revived his hit songs. In addition to his playing, Waller was known for his many humorous quips during his performances. Between and the end of , Waller recorded a series of pipe organ solo records.

These represent the first time syncopated jazz compositions were performed on a full-sized church organ. He is the author of a number of books on language and on race relations. Even as late as , the idea of a black composer writing the score for a standard-issue white show was unheard of. When Broadway performer and producer Richard Kollmar began planning Early to Bed, his original idea was for Waller to perform in it as a comic character, not to write the music.

Waller was, after all, as much a comedian as a musician. This was typical of Waller, who often sold melodies for quick cash when in his cups. Waller came to his senses the next day, but Kollmar decided that his drinking habits made him too risky a proposition for eight performances a week. In Hatchett divorced Waller. Albans, Queens , a New York City community with racially restrictive covenants. His final recording session was with an interracial group in Detroit , Michigan , that included white trumpeter Don Hirleman.

Waller was returning to New York City from Los Angeles, after the smash success of Stormy Weather , and after a successful engagement at the Zanzibar Room , in Santa Monica, California , during which he had fallen ill. The show and Nell Carter won Tony Awards. The show opened at the Longacre Theatre and ran for more than performances.

Year Inducted.

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Fats Waller


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