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Certain types of approvals for airplane upgrades suddenly came to a screeching halt. Many major repairs and alterations that were previously eligible for field approval were designated as only possible through the STC process. It is the "gospel" by which all FSDO personnel must operate. Reading this whole document would be like trying to absorb the entire text of Obamacare.

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Display name: Stache I would like to address this statement, the old inspector handbooks If you take the older FAA handbooks and match them with the new The electronic format is updated all the time saving tons of paper and time for each handbook being updated by hand. Order The Dickstein comes up with this. I certain do not believe any ASI or manager uses the Every ASI uses the If an inspector does not follow the The ASI walk a tight rope in some cases, but I would challenge anyone to find a procedure in the There are many ways to gain compliance with a CFR the One thing the This order directs the activities of aviation safety inspectors ASI responsible for the certification, technical administration, and surveillance of air carriers, certain other air operators conducting operations in accordance with the appropriate part of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations 14 CFR , certificated airmen, and other aviation activities.

This order also provides direction for tasks related to aircraft accidents and incidents, investigations and compliance, the aviation safety program, administrative areas, and miscellaneous tasks not related to a specific regulation. In addition, it contains regional and district office requirements for the support of ASIs responsible for those activities.

I would recommend anyone who has an interest in know how the FAA does their assigned tasks to take a look at the Order


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