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The real deal in portable air conditioning EverStar Air Conditioner EverStar air conditioner is the silent leader when it comes to portable air conditioning systems meant for home or small office use.

Ask an existing unit owner and be surprised how these small air conditioners have lived up to their expectations. How a Portable Air Conditioner Works As their name suggests, this type of air conditioner needs no installation in the window, wall, ceiling etc and can be carried and placed anywhere or any room where air cooling is needed. They work almost in the same way with conventional air conditioners.

And the only difference is on the aspect of ventilation, exhaust or draining. Portable ACs feature vent hoses or pipes that shall be extended out of the room.

A unit can either have one or two vent hoses depending on how the unit gets rid of the warm or humid air. There are fully evaporative models wherein the water which is the by-product of condensation gets fully evaporated and no draining is required.

There are models that feature hoses and drain the water automatically through gravity. While the most basic models have interior water basins and they should manually be emptied. The following beneficial features: A true air conditioning workhorse.

Majority of the old Everstar air conditioning units that have been in use for decades are still running and efficient until today. Air conditioner and humidifier in one. The main problem with hot weather is too much air humidity.

But with the portable AC units offered by the brand, you will no longer need a separate dehumidifier machine or unit because this brand offers these functionalities as one. Fully evaporative models. With an EverStar AC unit, there is no longer a need to manually drain or remove water created by condensation or humidity removal.

The models offered by the brand are fully evaporative and the water vapor is exhausted out in the air. For energy savings and flexibility, the Everstar air conditioner has a timer that can be set anytime of the day. Affordable air conditioning unit. Simply, you get that cool or frigid air at the very least cost. Really built to cool down a room. Read all the reviews for this brand of air conditioner and all will agree that these units give the best cooling efficiency. At times, even better than conventional air conditioning units.

And they are differentiated by cooling capacity. It has a very efficient energy star rating of 9. Other features include semi-automatic draining and a 4-way air deflection. It offers a cooling power of BTUs capable of cooling spaces that are up to square feet. Extra features include; fully evaporative condensation, remote controlled settings, an ionizer, timer, high-tech air filters plus casters or rollers for easy handling. It has a cooling capacity of BTUs fit for spaces of up to to square feet.


Everstar MPM1-10CR-BB6 Manuals

This model can easily cool up to sq. It beats its predecessor on several aspects. Besides it is equipped with 4-Way Air Deflection technology and an evaporation system that is quiet and bucketless. Both these products require no installation. Besides, they come with a function for a healthier air environment, temperature sensing remote control full function , electronic control panel with digital readout, ionizer, hour time function, and a whole lot more. These portable air conditioners also include an advanced air filtration system which helps in eliminating fungi and dust.


everstar mpm 08cr bb4 manual pdf

Page 5: Energy-saving Tips Energy-Saving Tips 4 Start your air conditioner before the outdoor air This appliance is designed to be highly becomes hot and uncomfortable. This avoids an efficient in energy savings. Follow these initial period of discomfort while the unit is cooling recommendations for greater efficiency. Page 6: Operating Instructions Window Kit Installation Horizontal Window Your window kit has been designed to fit most standard "vertical"and "horizontal" window applications. Selects the appropriate operating mode.

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