Las necesidades son uno de los condicionantes principales de nuestro comportamiento. Es otro caso mediante el que subrayar la importancia de conocer nuestras motivaciones. El caso de Sherron Watkins, una empleada de Enron, es muy significativo en este sentido. Una vez que nuestros intereses se han transformado en intenciones claras y firmes, hay que respaldarlos con un plan B o una estrategia alternativa para protegerlos en caso de que nuestros interlocutores no quieran aceptar nuestro no.

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Shelves: mandatory-reading No its a powerful word, the building blocks of life have inherent no in them. Permeable membrane are a no with conditions.

So I found myself in a lurch after the presidential election of in the United States. There was a change of power in my department as well as shifting social tensions in my area, and all of that resulted in the realization that I needed to be a better leader. I needed to use the authority that I had within my spheres of influence and start in my space and the people around me - so I did. I formed a research lab, and I started thinking a lot more about intrinsic motivation in relation to education environments.

So, long story short, I had to interact with people more. While there was a specific reason to start reading these books when I did, they had been on my radar for some time. I thought that I was going to be reading this in order to learn how to negotiate.

That is not the intent of this text, rather the series of texts. In this way, you can circumnavigate arguments before they even occur, and as tensions rise you can revisit the shared interests for both parties. Metaphorically, you do not sit across from me but you sitting next to the individual you are working with. The above is a primer. But power is a relation, and action upon action. There is nothing black-and-white, and so the rest of the texts give conceptual frameworks that become tools to help align and sit next to your your partners.

My favorite takeaways are general: Best alternative to a negotiated agreement: BATNA Simply put before going into any negotiation, do your homework. Understand options that viably give you alternatives to any negotiated outcome. The trick is to not delude your self into thinking that unsustainable alternatives are preferred.

There is a tendency to convince one self that all options are viable. Rather make selections based on the longest term of self perpetuating growth that matches principled interests. Go to your balcony You do not get angry. Rather anger, An affective response to stimulus, As a visitor to your being. This realization is huge. Cortisol and Adrenaline form a cocktail that results in fight or flight, and lack of empathy.

One simply cannot make proper decisions with their system is so impacted. The metaphor also means giving yourself time To evaluate what is occurring through the lens of your principled interests. Build a golden bridge Essentially, if a more powerful stubborn partner does not seem to want to budge, you build a logic bridge for them to cross they work in laterally to eliminate The viability of their alternatives, apply pressure in the form of incentives in front, and apply pressure in the form of Coalition power behind.

There stubbornness is the chasm, the bridge is your desired outcome above all other potential outcomes, the incentive matches their interests, in the coalition of powers that support your interests augment your argument.

This is the tactic that is suggested when and asymmetrical power structure is involved. Consider their victory speech Everybody has a boss, a board, or constituents. All in one When multiple parties, and multiple principal to interests are needed to form an agreement — propose a system, the channel, and layout the principles of each constituent.

If the system is accepted, develop shared interests from overlapping principles, And give everyone an opportunity to share their voice in the channel. Identify criteria for evaluation that is common and potentially based upon precedent.

Not moments of tension revisit interests, and restate objectives. Respect To re-speck something is to look twice. This idea of listening to the idea of the proposal, but then searching for other queues to understand the comment, content, context, or tack is super important to being a good partner.

Repeat and seek clarity So if I am hearing you correctly In an effort to make sure that I understand you Repeat Am I hearing that right? There was a story that in early parliament,Before countering an argument the individual must repeat the point of the argument in such a way that demonstrated their understanding.

I cannot tell you how many times since learning this I have used this strategy for the betterment of my life and those in it. This along with respect has dramatically changed my ability to understand and partner up Reality check This is a quick strategy that as a follow-up to the repeat and seek clarity, contextualizing the argument as a way to illuminate the lack of president or illustrate the unsustainable potential by relating it to specific scenarios.

Positive No: Say yes to your self, no to the proposal, and seek ways to say yes in the future as long as the proposal matches principled interests.

This eliminates stress, illuminates purpose, and builds better partnerships. Well reading his books I could not help but think of past arguments, current objectives, and how I wish everybody knew these tactics.





El poder de un No positivo


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