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A, Frankfurt Germany, On 21 August , an Airbus A being operated by an undisclosed operator by a German-licensed flight crew on a scheduled passenger flight from Teheran to Frankfurt collided with a stationary bus with only the driver on board whilst approaching the allocated parking gate in normal daylight visibility.

The No 4 engine impacted the bus roof as shown in the photograph below reproduced from the official report. None of the occupants of either the aircraft or the bus were injured. The Investigation found that there had been no actual encounter with the A wake vortices but that systemic ATC operational risk management was inadequate.

The then crossed another runway at night and in normal visibility whilst an A was landing on it. The A responded by increased braking and there was consequently no actual risk of collision. The controller had not noticed the incursion and, in accordance with instructions, all stop bars were unlit and the RIMCAS had been officially disabled due to too many nuisance activations.

B, Frankfurt Germany, On 20 August , at Frankfurt, while a Boeing was taxiing to its parking position, thick smoke developed in the passenger cabin. All passengers and the crew were able to leave the aircraft at the gate without further incident.

E, Frankfurt Germany, On 1 March , an Embraer ERJ inbound to Frankfurt was intentionally flown below the ILS Glideslope in good night visibility by the First Officer after disconnection of the Autopilot at approximately feet agl in order to achieve an early turn off after touchdown as a means to catch up some of the delay to the flight.

The result was impact with the approach lighting and touchdown before the beginning of the runway. Significant damage to the aircraft was found once it had reached the designated parking gate.


Frankfurt Am Main Airport



Stuttgart Airport


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