Will marching with a drum corps negatively affect my embouchure or concert approach? With more than 20 certified music educators on our faculty, we take great care to use the correct embouchure and performance techniques. The only exception would be the actual marching percussion as there are some differences to the sticking on a marching instrument vs. There are quite a few of our members that are successful music education iand music performance music majors. Specific exercises and audition requirements will be in the brass handbook.

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You need to demonstrate willingness and ability to fulfill the financial commitment as described on the website at cavaliers. We expect payments to be made on time per the outlined financial schedule. Any difficulties in adhering to the payment schedule must be discussed with corps management. See the full camp schedule. When you attend an Audition Experience event, you should discuss with the staff any known events that conflict with camp dates.

If you have a critical family or school conflict with a camp, notify your caption head s , as well as the corps management membership cavaliers. You will need to clear your summer calendar of all conflicts. The hours are long and the work is hard. A complete health history and sports physical are required. If you have ANY doubts about this program, please discuss your concerns with corps management and medical staff.

If you are new to the drum corps experience, then this may all sound overwhelming Keep in mind that many thousands of individuals have successfully faced these challenges before you and found it to be one of the most rewarding times of their lives. This is your chance to meet the entire organization, including our passionate leadership, educational teams, returning membership, volunteers, and alumni.

Auditioning for a group like The Cavaliers can seem overwhelming — There is a LOT to know, learn, and do in getting prepared. Next, select the audition experience event that is best for your schedule and travel requirements. You can sign-up for an experience right here at audition. Please check your spam or junk mail. This link can take several days to appear. Be as prepared as you can be by committing to a regular practice schedule, asking questions, and sharing your progress in the Facebook Audition Groups.

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