He could also have said, with equal confidence, that it was unrecordable. Adapting Cloud Atlas to the screen presented directors Tom Tykwer and Andy and Lana Wachowski with challenges ranging from the practical how to depict 19th-century Polynesia as convincingly as 22nd-century Korea; how to make Halle Berry look white to the metaphysical how to convey the everything-is-connected grandeur of it all. The task fell to the composing triumvirate of Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek, and Tykwer himself, an accomplished pianist who has co-written the scores of most of his films. To believe him — and one wonders if one should — the Cloud Atlas Sextet is one of the greatest pieces of music ever written.

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Filmmaker Tom Tykwer revealed in January his intent to adapt the novel and said he was working on a screenplay with the Wachowskis , [17] who optioned the novel. I was shaking. When do we start? It was like this giant leap of faith. From all over the globe.

Scenes were shot at Cala Tuent and near Formentor , amongst others. Henry Goose, was filmed at Sa Calobra. Instead of replacing her, the Wachowskis and Tykwer heavily changed the initial filming schedule; Berry stated that "it involved travelling back and forth to Majorca and then Germany then we had to go back to Majorca when my foot got a little bit better and we were able to shoot some of that stuff on the mountainside when I could climb a little bit better.

It was all over the place. He really took care of me. He would bring me coffee and soup and just stay with me during breaks in shooting because it was difficult for me to move around, especially at the beginning [ But with Tom at my side, I was really able to go beyond my own expectations of what I was capable of as an actress. Reception[ edit ] The Cloud Atlas soundtrack received critical acclaim. Film Music Magazine critic Daniel Schweiger described the soundtrack as "a singular piece of multi-themed astonishment Yet instead of defining one sound for every era, Klimek, Heil and Tykwer seamlessly merge their motifs across the ages to give Cloud Atlas its rhythms, blending orchestra, pulsating electronics, choruses and a soaring salute to John Adams in an astonishing, captivating score that eventually becomes all things for all personages The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival , where it received a minute standing ovation.


Tom Tykwer

Mikajas As he told The Guardian: This one for a cappella choir was never used in the movie, because there was just no spot where it could have possibly fit in. This is just the main theme. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Kudos to Ragna Schirmer for this lovely performance. As much as the Sextet takes on a pseudo-religious aura in the story even more so in the novel this piece was just a bit too Catholic for this movie that breathes the spirit of secular humanism. You can hear my background as an organist during my high-school years!


The Cloud Atlas Sextet for Orchestra-Cloud Atlas OST



Cloud Atlas Sextet


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