Products Confirmed Not Vulnerable No other Cisco products are currently known to be affected by this vulnerability. Workarounds There are no workarounds that address this vulnerability. Fixed Software Cisco has released free software updates that address the vulnerability described in this advisory. Customers may only install and expect support for software versions and feature sets for which they have purchased a license. In most cases this will be a maintenance upgrade to software that was previously purchased.

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Now pay-TV operators and media companies can easily scale their video processing workflows to deliver the dozens of forms of video required for multiscreen TV. Until now, each screen and form of video required a separate video production line, using optimized hardware, hard-wired together. Cisco V2P enables media companies and pay-TV operators to simplify overall operations by consolidating all their separate production lines into a single pool of hardware and software.

V2P then "orchestrates" the common pool of hardware and software to deliver each individual form of video required for each screen. V2P can orchestrate workflows consisting of both Cisco and third-party components.

Cisco launched V2P in April, virtualizing and orchestrating transcoding infrastructures. Cisco is both deploying and trialing its new V2P services worldwide with six customers, including media companies, and satellite and payTV operators. The advantages that V2P offers media companies and pay-TV operators include: Improved agility and service velocity: Video operators can create new video services and workflows in software at the touch of a button instead of needing to build, integrate and configure additional hardware-based "production lines.

Orchestrating multiple workflows from a common pool of hardware and software reduces costs and enables ongoing expansion in the amount, and variety of multiscreen video. Revenue growth: V2P enables video companies to get to market faster with more options for personalized video services. This means more viewers on more devices, helping to grow revenues. Supporting Quotes Yvette Kanouff, senior vice president and general manager, Service Provider Video Software Solutions "Cisco is the only company virtualizing all the things you need to do to video, from the time you get the content from its owner to the time it hits the user screen.

Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. Share this.


Cisco Videoscape

Now, the company is selling part of that business to one of its previous owners, the private equity firm Permira, as it looks to refocus itself and boost growth in networking, multi-cloud, security, data, and collaboration services. Permira says it is acquiring selected video technology assets, along with other cloud technology services, which it plans to launch as a new, standalone business. The board of Cisco has already approved the deal, and it is expected to close in Q1 of the fiscal year. He said in a statement that the business had been profitable under Cisco. Service providers remain a key customer segment for Cisco, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them to deliver new revenue-generating services and experiences.


Cisco Videoscape Media Suite CMS

These added capabilities will help service providers and media companies enhance agility, increase revenue and reduce operating expenses. With new software and technology for both private and public cloud services, this comprehensive new set of Videoscape cloud capabilities, part of the broader corporate virtualization strategy, will give service providers and media companies the ability to capitalize on the Internet of Everything. Together, they will provide simplified options to quickly deliver new consumer experiences, such as second screen and 4Kvideo, and offer more customization and personalization for viewing and sharing content across multiple devices. New Videoscape Cloud Capabilities Include: Videoscape Cloud Software: Videoscape Cloud Software helps to reduce operating expenses and increase revenue by delivering more experiences, including those based on the IOE, faster than ever before. Videoscape Cloud Software takes Videoscape software, separates it from dedicated hardware and enables it to run on service provider and media company public and private clouds -- including those based on OpenStack.


Cisco Videoscape Transforms Multiscreen Video Processing and Delivery


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Cisco sells part of its NDS video assets, acquired for $5B, to Permira to build a new business


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