Here are my top 10 in no particular order revision tips that will help you pass CIMA exams. Have a peaceful study environment: this means no distractions, no TV, no Facebook and no music playing. Study on the go: Take some revision notes with you on the commute to work, take some pictures of the key models and theories on your phone so you can refer to them at any time doctors waiting room, on the bus etc. Being away from your desk is not an excuse not to study. Take a break: probably one of the most under-rated things you can do. Go outside for a walk, for for lunch, talk to friends.

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A topic like transfer pricing is particularly tricky, so although it may not come up in the exam, I still recommend giving this special attention.

Make sure you ask tutors for help and feedback, self test yourself with quick quizzes and attempt exam style questions along with reviewing the solutions. This means attempting as many past exam papers as possible under exam conditions. The exam questions are linked to the learning outcomes in the syllabus so make sure you cover all these. Therefore, you need to have this element of your exam technique nailed down for your best chance of passing.

A finished exam script is much more likely to get a pass than one that is half complete. You must move on once your allocated time is up and make sure you attempt all questions required. Clearly, the more practice exams you do, the better you will get at time management. No, not to trick you, but to help you.

There are usually clues within the scenario to help you answer the questions set, so practice analysing the scenarios in your exam practice and look to pick out the relevant information. The best way to do this is to use the requirements within the question as sub headings and then write down bullet points of the key things that will answer the examiners question.

You can then tick off these key points as you write up your answer in full. An answer plan also helps to avoid waffle and duplication of points. This is a fundamental skill that all management accountants require. Therefore, you must be prepared to do a number of calculations in order to find the answer that is required.

Again, exam practice is vital preparation here to make sure you can move through your calculations quickly without making silly mistakes. Conclusion Cover the whole syllabus in your preparation Practice as many past papers as possible Make sure your answer sticks to the question and scenario in hand Layout and presentation are really key in this exam What to do next: Check out my recommended resources and practice exams for the P2 paper Check out my other tips and tutorials on study productivity and exam technique Sign up below to my free weekly email newsletter for exclusive content, personalised to you.


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10 Must Read Tips for Passing CIMA P2 Performance Management


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