I bought the basic kid that comes with the filter, beer line, and cleaning brush. I opted not to get the accessory kit; instead I picked up the rest of what I would need separately. Once it is all put together, in order to fill put the gun all the way down a chilled bottle, then squeeze to clear the head space, tilt the bottle and squeeze the trigger quickly. Then tilt the bottle upward as you fill, let the foam flow out the top and stop quickly. Approximate times in the video are noted for reference.

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Shipping was free from morebeer. Note, the above list does not include purchase of the Blichmann beer gun accessory kit. The above parts replace that kit. Installation: 1. I used sharpened scissors to cut the gas line. I wanted it relatively close to the keg gas post rather than down near the regulator.

Install the CO2 tee using 2 hose clamps. Be sure to tighten the hose clamps good to avoid CO2 leaks. The above image shows the installed CO2 tee.

Turn the gas on to your regulator and test the new connections you have just made. Submerge the hoses and the new QD in water and look for bubbles. Shake any air out of open orifices and then watch for any continuous streams of bubbles which will indicate a leak. The picture above shows my new QD and the joints around it submerged in water.

The above photo shows the gas QD sticking out in my fridge. It is high up where I can get at it easily. Be sure to tighten the hose clamp to avoid CO2 leaks. I wanted the CO2 line to be similar length to the liquid line so both stretched just as far. Be sure to tighten the hose clamp to avoid beer leaks. You will need to place the tip of the beverage line in boiling water for about 30 seconds to soften it before installing the barb.

Note: Pin lock keg owners will need a pin lock QD. The above photo shows the liquid QD connected to the beverage line. Usage: 1. Leave the gas QD that is on your keg in place. Remove the liquid QD from your keg and connect the beer gun beverage tubing QD to your keg. Follow the Blichmann beer gun instructions to fill your bottles. I used the system to fill a 12 pack of bottles this weekend.

It went great. No CO2 leaks so far!


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JohnSnowNW likes this. I use oxiclean after every keg kicks so ill just clean my keg as normal but run the oxiclean through the gun as well and let each hang out for an hour. I put the beer gun into a growler with a little star San in it between fills. I thought the beer gun was real easy to pick up. Just make sure you depressurize your keg first with the gas off. Then after hooking the gun up turn the gas back on to about psi.


How To use a Blichmann Beer Gun to bottle from a keg | Beer Geek Nation Homebrew

So the instructions tell you to take everything completely apart, there is one piece in particular that starts the process. Get Our Updates By Email. That is the biggest negative for me. Since I have an extra instructilns for the beer out, I can disconnect that part on the kegerator and hook it up. To make the remaining connections needed in order to use the Beer Gun I used the additional parts that came with the Beer Gun Accessory Kit. First up, heed the warnings on the instructions —the beer instructionx is not designed to handle more than 15 psi of pressure, for instance, and is better around 5 psi in my experience high pressure will result in a lot of foaming as you attempt to fill the bottles.


Blichmann BeerGun V2 Bottle Filler

Tweet I quit bottling entire batches long ago. For social events, I took to using growlers. However, I still had an occasional need to bottle part of a batch to share with friends and family. Enter the Blichmann Beer Gun. I bought my Beer Gun about 7 or 8 years ago when it was a fairly new product.

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