Aiming to provide more choices in cc commuter space, Bajaj Discover M has been launched to put that extra smile to the commuting section of the country. Bajaj Discover M is powered by a cc, DTS-i motor, which is mated to a 4-speed transmission system. In addition to that, 4 valves are incorporated in contrary to 2 valves which generates greater power at higher rpm. The signature DTS-i engine from Bajaj develops a maximum power of 9. Bajaj claims a fuel efficiency of 84kmpl with this new Discover model. With the front fairing being the main visual modification, the Bajaj Discover M now has a much improved headlamp section which gives a sportier feel to it.

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Maine baris me petrol dalawaya gadi dusare din band pad gayi mknik ko dikaya bola tanki me pani hai 1week pahle mai byke sarvice karaya tha tanki bhi saf karayi thi. Mknik ki bat man kar maine fir tanki saf karayi din sahi chali fir petrol dala dusare din 28august ko pm ko hayway pe fir band hue maine corborater katel nikal ke chalaya km gayifir band mere ghar pahuchate pahuchatebar band hui aur maine vaisa hi kiya fir mai ghar pahucha.

Byke leke 3year hua aisa 1st time huwa ab ap log hi batao byke ki problem hai ke petrol ki please answer me sunil on Bajaj Discover T : its superb bike. Now I am regretting that I paid nearly 50k for this stupid junk. My sincere suggestion is even if someone gives you free of cost also please dont use this bike it will ruin your day.

I bought it from rajiv raj bajaj,durgapuri,Delhi Also refill my engine oil when the bike sounds grr.. Before i ride my bike. I let the bike heat up for 2 minutes at first start of the day warm up 4 bike I purchased discover t on August , n have travelled km so far. No problem so far. For Rs i even cover distance of above 40 km that also in traffic jam at low carburator. Even the bike looks good as compare to other c bike. WITH just 3 litre i made a trip of km kohima to dimapur n back to kohima.

So what say great looks with superb mileage. Go 4 it. It has 2 screw 1 ideal screw with spring loaded to it. We will see now how it works 1 engine take petrol and air to rotate. Exkmpl 4 if engine take less petrol and more air we get 70kmpl above but pickup will decrease with pillon. If we turn that screw 1. This is for them who are saying that they have poor mileage or stating porblem.

I had poor mileage and starting problems since my first service and it was getting worse along with 2nd and 3rd service. I got determined to solve this issue. A consumer buys a cc segment bike priority for fuel efficiency but the expectations never ends therefore we search for other things like quality, after sales servie etc I before buying a cc segment bike was having an expectation of fuel efficiency.

After a constant use driven kms I found this machine as a good commuter. Fuel efficiency 58 to 60 Kmpl city, very less vibrations on speed of 60 to 70 kms, good quality build specially in terms of engine life, chain spockets, brake shoes etc but lacks in pinnion weight which is diappointing.

Now about service Now availabilty of spares


Bajaj Auto Discover 100 Owner's Manual

The Indian brand Bajaj Auto, founded in , ranks third in the world in the production of motorcycles. Initially, the company was in the sale of 2- and 3-wheel carts rickshaws , popular among the Indian population. After 14 years in , Bajaj Auto acquired a state license for the production of rickshaws and was engaged in their production. By , production volumes were increasing significantly, in total about thousand rickshaws were produced at that moment, and in this figure reached thousand units. In the same year, Bajaj Auto partnered with Kawasaki.


Bajaj Discover DTS-i User Manual



Bajaj Discover 100


FDS 6680 PDF

Motorcycle Manuals PDF, Wiring Diagrams, DTC


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