These changes created a domino effect of problems. This was in violation of the contract with BAE which stated there would be a number of freeze dates for mechanical design, software design, and permanent power. This manifests itself in basic issues like vendors blocking roadways for other vendors, the city canceling orders for electrical filtering components that were critical path, and too many unilateral decision made because "no one was in charge". The city, under the guidance of Chief Airport Engineer Slinger arranged the deal that included penalty and time clauses for both the city and the vendor. The City had a deadline to meet and did not want to hear about any more delays.

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Which was expected to cut the time of hub operations, reduce the manual baggage operation such as handling and sorting so that the ground time efficiency can be improved.

In order to handle the project well, there are crucial things that should be focused in the project. The purpose of this paper is to analysis the challenges of the project and give the recommendations.

Firstly, it will find the crucial things that need to be handled well. Secondly, from those crucial things, the challenge might meet will be identified. Then, it will identify the IT outsourcing and governance issues, and the recommendation for directions will be provided finally. The Crucial Things of DIA To make the project running smoothly, there are two crucial things identified needed to focus on.

Manage the resourcing The DIA case has involved by many sources such as public works program and administrators, also there are many part involved outsourcing. To achieve the goal of this development plan which is built the new baggage handling system and allow the airport expanding without compromising the efficiency. DIA have to outsourcing and focus on the following areas: Cost Management: there are several financial sources mentioned in the DIA case, and cost is the most important reasons for choosing outsourcing to earn a considerable profit.

Also, the price and scope of outsourcing should be considered firstly. As a result, risk management to be considered is crucial. Study the various risks may be involved in the project and form a suitable back-up plan in place will lower the possibilities of risks involved. Manage efficiency Since DIA is a service management system which is self-contained and structure integrated, which includes the large scale project, embedded new technology, and large amounts of resident entities.

The the efficiency of the project management is required to ensure the effective and efficient develop the new system to achieve the goals. Scope Creep In DIA case, there are several delays of project mentioned in the material which are due to several reasons such as the problem of implementation of baggage system, the growing pressure from stakeholders and so on.

More specifically, as the project planned, DIA system was a complex baggage system, however, every involved in this system are underestimated the system complexity.

What is worse, requested by airlines, there are vast majority of changes in project scope without reasonable analysis and consideration. Even the delay of project is happened, it is ignored to update the original project schedule which cost the worse project over budget and overdue. Change in Strategy For the project direction, it was set in the initial project strategy. While in late , when the project manager observe the project delayed, the fundamental project plan was changed without any assessment and the timing of changing in strategy was really poor.

Also, the project manager failed to see the technology shift so that make the change unreasonable. For example, when the schedule manager decided to develop the database to track the change, while every part has already develop their own system, the conflict delay the project for three years.

The process of outsourcing, the initial requirement has been changed for several times, while there were clear indications that the resources were insufficient for the project to complete in time. Also, the project manager change the fundamental of the project according to the carriers which is the outsourcing part of the project to accommodate the operational needs.

The decision was made without fully assessment of feasibility and risk has generated further issues in the project development. There were no evidence shown in the material that indicate the development of IT governance structure. What is more, there overdue and over budget problems happened in the project. Choosing proper IT governance structure will help to make the decision-making rights associated with IT as well as the mechanisms and policies used to measure and control the IT decisions.

There are two recommendations for the DIA to handle the project go well. In the project development, corporate governance is vital for maintaining the cohesiveness of an project needs instill rules and policies. Due to the project manager of BAE failed to recognize the complexity and potential risk of the project, relying on ITIL can guide the project completed with efficiency. Project feasibility Assessment The second recommendation is in Denver Airport Baggage Handling System, any change in the project should under the feasibility assessment.

In this project, the acceptance of any requirement without feasibility and risk assessment contribute to the scope creep even make the project overdue and over budget. The feasibility study aims to test the weaknesses and strengths of the project, which will include the related resources, risk assessment, opportunities and present threats in the environment.

As a result, if BAE project manager considered feasibility assessment in every change of the project, the problem may not happen. References Blogs. Academy of Management Proceedings, 1 , pp. How to manage an outsourcing venture to achieve success. Related Papers.


BAE Automated Systems (A): Denver International Airport Baggage-Handling System

Views: 1. What are the top 3 factors that lead to the projects failure? Who is most at fault? The DIA automated baggage-handling system had its uncertainties and risks like in any other project but the challenges faced were mainly due to the poor planning, 1st of its kind in terms of size of the project and underestimation of complexity of the whole project. There are many problems encountered by the project and the top 3 factors that lead to the project failure were: 1. Scope, time-schedule and budget commitments — Planning.


Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System Essay






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