Dect 6. You can also visit our website at www. In Canada, dial 1 Page 6 Table of contents Switching a call between handset and headset Press and hold to receive call waiting during a call page Page 8: Headset Getting started Quick reference guide - headset base Charging cradle Insert the headset here for charging.

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Press to display caller ID information. During a call, press to receive an incoming call if call waiting is activated. If you are unable to find your manual, you may visit www. Page 7: Installation Preparation Installation preparation You must install and charge the battery before using the telephone. Your product may be shipped with a protective sticker covering the handset display - remove it before use. For customer service or product information, visit our website at www.

Page 8: Charger Installation Charger installation 1. Plug the small end of the smaller power adapter into the jack on the underside of the charger, then route the cord through the slot as shown. To order a replacement power adapter, visit our website at www. After installing the battery, you can make and receive short calls, but replace the handset in the telephone base or additional charger when not in use.

For optimal performance, charge the handset battery for at least 16 hours before use. Additional handsets will be assigned numbers in the order they are registered handset 2, handset 3, or handset 4.

You can register a maximum of four handsets. Page Replacing A Handset Replacing a handset You may need to de-register your handsets if: You have the maximum number of registered handsets four and need to replace a handset. Page 14 Replacing a handset 4. To re-register the handset s to the telephone base, follow the registration instructions on page 8. NOTES: 1. If the de-registration process was not successful, you may need to reset the system and try again.

For handsfree headset conversations, use any industry standard 2. Page Appendix Troubleshooting If you have difficulty with your telephone, please try the suggestions below. For Customer Service, visit our website at www. I cannot get a dial tone.

Page 17 Troubleshooting I cannot dial out. If there is no dial tone on that phone either, the problem is in your wiring or local service. Plug the unit into a different, working electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch. Page 19 Troubleshooting The batteries will not hold a charge. Wait for 15 seconds then plug it back in. Allow up to one minute for the cordless handset and telephone base to reset. Page 21 Troubleshooting I hear other calls while using my phone. My cordless handset does not ring when I receive a call.

The phone will likely have better reception when not installed in a low area. Try unplugging some of the other phones. Try moving the telephone base to another location, preferably on an upper floor. Page 25 Troubleshooting System does not receive caller ID when on a call. Common cure for electronic equipment. Caller ID features will work only if both you and the caller are in areas offering caller ID service, and if both telephone companies use compatible equipment.

Always follow basic safety precautions when using this product to reduce the risk of injury, fire, or electric shock. Do not burn or puncture batteries — they contain caustic chemicals. Exer- cise care in handling batteries in order not to create a short circuit with conductive material such as rings, bracelets, and keys.

The battery or conductor may overheat and cause harm. Observe proper polarity between the battery and the battery charger. The telephone company is required to notify you before interrupting service. If advance notice is not practical, you will be notified as soon as possible. Page 33 Appendix FCC Part 68 and ACTA Industry Canada Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1 this device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

These requirements are intended to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio Page 35 Appendix FCC Part 15 To ensure safety of users, the FCC has established criteria for the amount of radio frequency energy that can be safely absorbed by a user or bystander according to the intended usage of the product.

This product has been tested and found to comply with the FCC criteria. Page 37 Limited warranty How long is the limited warranty period?

How do you get warranty service? To obtain warranty service in the United States of America, visit www. Page 41 www. All rights reserved. Printed in China. This manual is also suitable for:.


AT&T TL7610 User Manual

Gardatilar If you subscribe to high-speed Internet service Digital Subscriber Line — DSL through your telephone lines, you must install a DSL filter between the telephone base and the telephone wall jack see pages The handset provided with your TL is automatically registered as handset 1. Dispose of these batteries. RDL softkey 2 Press the softkey repeatedly to view up to five recently called numbers. Display dial To manuap a displayed number from the directory on the handset or telephone base, 1. You can also select toll saver, which is explained below. CLEAR While using menus, press to cancel an operation, back up to the previous menu, or exit the menu display.


AT&T TL76008 User Manual



AT&T TL71108 User Manual



AT&T TL76108 User Manual


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