It is based on Eclipse, but it is optimized for web development and it comes with the excellent PyDev plugin installed out of the box for developing in Python web applications. There are a few steps that need to be followed to import a new app project into Aptana and set it up for Python development. These steps will be outlined here for convenience. This will only need to be done once for new workspaces. From the menu, select window preferences. Expand the PyDev menu and select Interpreter-Python from the list on the left-hand side of the window that appears.

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Internet Explorer is supported only in the Pro Edition. The previously available features in the paid-for Pro Edition were merged into the Community Edition. License[ edit ] Aptana uses a "dual licensing" model. Users may download the software for free and modify, integrate and distribute it. They were using the EPL until milestone 8. The first few builds of milestone 9 were licensed under the Eclipse Public License 1.

The staff headcount surpassed 25 after September 1, Aptana was acquired by Appcelerator, Inc. Employees of Aptana were absorbed to the Mountain View campus of Appcelerator and work is scheduled to continue on the release of Aptana 3. Appcelerator in their webcast made users aware of their intention to integrate their mobile application framework with Aptana Studio, with a planned beta within Q1 Emphasis on visual workflow was indicated for both of the products and continued support will continue for existing Aptana products.

Appcelerator put Jaxer on GitHub. Aptana Jaxer[ edit ] Aptana Jaxer, made obsolete by Node. The Mozilla engine allows Jaxer to provide a server-side DOM in which a page may be manipulated during server-side processing using the techniques familiar to client-side programmers.

Jaxer also provides for access to Java objects via the open source DWR project. Jaxer is now on GitHub. This provides a Gecko -based DOM and SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine to allow pages to be rendered and manipulated on the server before being sent to the browser. Jaxer also provides an Ajax model for performing asynchronous requests to the server. Its client and server APIs allow such requests to be made by simply calling server-side JavaScript functions from the client.

Behind the scenes, Jaxer provides the logic required to manage the request and retrieve the response from the server. It is useful for Web scraping. Jaxer is not a standalone web server, but works with another server such as Apache , Jetty or Tomcat.

Jaxer provides server-side DOM and API processing for pages served by the web server before delivering the results to the browser. Jaxer may be integrated into Aptana Studio via an optional plugin.

As of November Aptana has significantly scaled back development and support of Jaxer. Cloud Connect also supports Java-based web applications, which may be deployed and managed using the Cloud service. All applications hosted on Cloud Connect may be developed offline, deployed and managed directly using the Cloud management features included in Aptana Studio.


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It provides powerful tools for exploring, understanding, and refactoring your code. PyDev was purchased by Aptana and folded into Aptana Studio. Aptana can be installed as a seperate download, or as an Eclipse plugin. For convenience we will download the whole application. You can tell Aptana to remember this workspace if you like. To display the splash screen requires a JPEG graphic handling library that we have not installed.


Aptana Studio 3

Inspecting the CSS code. Which topic are you interested in? Time for action — creating a new project file. Unlock course access forever with Packt credits. Time for action — deleting a perspective.



Rebuilt from the ground-up. Aptana Studio harnesses the flexibility of Eclipse and focuses it into a powerful web development engine. Supports the latest HTML5 specifications. Includes information about the level of support for each element in the major web browsers. Deployment Wizard Support for one-shot as well as keep-synchronized setups. Integrated Debugger Set breakpoints, inspect variables, control execution.

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