B Fly the shortest route through a front Safe Pilots. Safe Skies. If ice accumulates in a ridge aft of the deice boots but forward of the ailerons, this can affect the airflow and interfere with proper functioning of the ailerons. If aileron function is impaired due to ice, slight forward pressure on the elevator may help to reattach airflow to the aileron. Structural Ice How quickly a surface collects ice depends in part on its shape.

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These checklists provide ground-icing related guidance from pre-flight to departure. Feel free to modify them for your particular aircraft. There are two checklists, one for protected aircraft certified for flight in icing and one for unprotected aircraft. Fredericton, New Brunswick - December 16, While attempting a go-around a regional jet stalled aerodynamically and struck the runway.

Roselawn, Indiana - October 31, The crew of an ATR experienced an uncommanded roll excursion and crashed during a rapid descent. Covers all aspects of aircraft icing-ground, airframe, and induction. Provides solid foundation of icing theory and physics without superfluous meteorological concepts. Teaches pilots how to interpret icing forecasts and reports and integrate specific aircraft and engine considerations. Discusses practical procedures to deal with icing conditions throughout flight, from taxi to touchdown.

Written so that anyone can understand complex meteorological terms, it attempts to bring across the most crucial principles that pilots can use to fly more wisely. Different weather conditions, including lightning, icing, and wind shear, and their effect on flying are discussed in detail.

Buck: Weather Flying is regarded in the industry as the bible of weather flying. Robert Buck, a general aviation and commercial pilot with tens of thousands of hours of flight time, explains weather in a nontechnical way, giving pilots useful understanding of weather and practical knowledge of how to judge it and fly it.

Covers weather flying psychology, en route weather changes, radar and how to use it, taking off in bad weather, and much more.


Deicing boot





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