It tells the side-splittingly funny story of Georgia Nicolson: the maddest teenage girl on the planet. This book is part of a series of books all from the confessions of Georgia Nicolson, the first book is called Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging. Hopefully this has given you an insight into what type of books they are. Georgia and Jas, her best friend, are all ready to set off to America with six, yes six, suitcases of clothes.

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Louise Rennison He is a vair funny person. But then I thought of my night with Masimo when we had looked at the stars together, and I felt like crying. If only I had had a chance to get to know him, I could have found out all about a different culture. I could have found out about neck snogging and everything. But I had well and truly blown it now.

Wet Lindsay will be dancing about on her stick insect legs when she finds out. Which she is bound to because of Radio Jas. I wonder if I should phone Jas up and see what she thinks? Am I mad???

I might just as well phone Mrs. Mad in Maddingtonshire. Then I heard the familiar roar of a scooter engine. Below my window. The doorbell rang. I had lost all gross motor control. Oh marvelous, I was paralyzed. Hahahahahaa, I was telling myself really crap inward jokes, hurrah!!! I eventually managed to stagger downstairs. I opened the door. Oh God. He looked at me and his eyes looked so soft and sad. This is a big thing. Give me a little time. I will see you in a week and I will say yes or no.

I will not, how you say, I will not mess about with you, I will say yes or no. Ciao, caro. I shut the door and stood there holding on to Gordy. What had I done??? Gordy looked up at me, eye to eye, and I looked down at him. He looked at me as if he could see deep into my soul and understood. He even stopped chewing the spider thing he had in his mouth. And suddenly I understood as well. What should I do? A billycan was something Aborigines boiled their goodies up in, or whatever it is they eat.

Anyway, billio means boiling things up. We may never know the truth. I rest my case. Like geoggers—geography—or Froggie—French.

The real emergence of the boy entrancers. Hmmm, well. Boy entrancers are false eyelashes. They are known as boy entrancers because they entrance boys. However, I have had some non-entrancing moments with them. For instance, when I put too much glue on to stick them on with.

I was intending to do that looking up at him and then looking down and then looking up again, and possibly a bit of flicky hair as suggested in How to Make Any Twit Fall in Love with You.

So my eyes stayed shut. Say it proudly with a cheery smile and a Spanish accent. Also known as pokey. Maybe because they are quite small cells. We have a lot of them in English due to our very busy lives, explaining stuff to other people not so fortunate as ourselves. Lots of really long boring poems and so on can be made much snappier by abbreviating words. Or Ham. Or Merc. Of Ven. This is very interesting historically. A very long time ago —even before my grandad was born—a bloke called William the Conqueror French came to England and shot our King Harold in the eye.

Anyway, William had a big nose and so to get our own back we called him William the Big Conkerer. If you see what I mean. I hope you do because I am exhausting myself with my hilariosity and historiosity. He is one of your lot. He is from New York, New York. He came to England and hung around in a glass cage over Tower Bridge for a month.

No one knows why. No, I am not. It is not so violent and usually involves a lot of pushing with the occasional pinch. Let them stay inside in the cozy warmth and read? What larks! Some people can look very stylish with fringe i. The Beatles started it apparently. One of them had a German girlfriend, and she cut their hair with a pudding bowl and the rest is history. Ditto blodge biology and lunck lunch. This is a more pleasant way of saying it ish. Like fabby fabulous and marvy marvelous.

Oh God, are we never to be free? A hobbit is one of those little creatures in the Lord of the Rings with really big ears. Is there anyone in Lord of the Rings who is normal? Answer: no. The whole thing is a nightmare of beards. Also pygmies or jammies. However it is vair naff to let someone see you are keen, so you have to seem unkeen. Do you see? America, for instance, is Hamburger-a-gogo land. Knickers are a particular type of panty—huge and all encompassing.

In the olden days i. Many, many amusing songs were made up about knicker elastic breaking. This is because, as Slim, our headmistress, points out to anybody interested i. We modern people enjoy ourselves with knicker stories, too. We often laugh as we imagine how many homeless people she could house in hers. It is, believe me. Anyway this is it. I can feel my life ebbing away.

Honestly, what are you lot like!! You know what I mean. Nearly the same as a nervy b. You can also say gist and thrust. This is from the name for the center of a wheel where the spokes come out. Or do I mean hub? Who cares. I feel a dance coming on.


Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers

Jolly, Arrow, Millie and the three remaining chickens, the Kiwi-a-gogo and Isle of Wight branches of mayhem. And of course to Stewpot and Sue please no more jokes about snot. Big luuurve to Mirella, Dave and the very gorgey Mattea. Love to the Captain and thank you for letting me using your togglestick thing.


Quotes from Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers

But you kept messing about and having the Horn and so on and you lost them. She kicked open my bedroom door and ran from the door and leapt onto the bed, covering me with kisses. She is supposed to be in kindergarten to learn how to grow up, not turn into an even madder person. So what do you do?


...then he at my boy entrancers by Louise Rennison - review



...Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers


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