She argues that anthropology in Brazil has a different feel from anthropology as practiced by Americans or Europeans. As a result, she argues, American anthropologists tend to romanticize Indian culture. Brazilian anthropologists, in contrast, are deeply invested in writing about the intercultural strife that faces Amazonian tribes and are equally engaged in activist efforts to protect those tribes. In recent decades, anthropologists like Ramos have needed to get permission from the Brazilian government to conduct research among indigenous peoples in the Amazon,.

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Pulp fictions del indigenismo.


Alcida Rita Ramos and Indigenous Rights in Brazil

Kazigami Anthropologists should be Let us not call this substantialism or essen- prepared to welcome them to center stage. A new po- alien verbalization, an ersatz native, a ritw of hy- litical scenario has brought out new challenges perreal Indian Ramos that is much easier to anthropology. Yanomami Indians and anthropological ethics. Alcida Rita Ramos Once the current enthusi- Geertzp. Out tamos Print—Limited Availability.


Alcida Rita Ramos


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