Tujar According to mythology, the great celestial sage Kashyapa had three wives — Aditi, Diti and Danu. Who is Honoured for Bringing an Sanzkrit i. One who is engrossed in the sound of Lyrice. I meditate on Devi Who vanquished demon Raktabija and the other demons sprouting out from his blood-seed Devi Mahatmyam — ch 8.

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We have all heard and sung the famous bhajan "Ayi Giri Nandini". The seemingly complex Sanskrit lyrics are explained and elaborated below, in addition to listing the correct lyrics for the song. Here it stands for the Peak of the Vindhyas. Nivasini - To Dwell One who dwells on the peak of the great Vindhya Mountains Vishnu literally means One who pervades everything - mobile and immobile including time and space.

Vilasini literally means Playful. But in this context, the meaning is deeper. O goddess, wife of the Blue-throated Siva, One who has a large family - the entire Universe, one who creates a lot Be victorious, O destroyer of the demon Mahisa, consort of the One with Matted hair - Lord Siva, daughter of the Himalaya Mountains.

In this context - the sound of Om or Aum. This is the supreme and most sacred syllable, consisting in Sanskrit of the three sounds A, U and M, representing the fundamental trinity of Lord Brahma, lord Vishnu and Lord Siva, and believed to be the spoken essence of the universe.

This is the reason why this syllable is uttered as a mantra and in affirmations and blessings. One who is engrossed in the sound of Om.

The offsprings of Aditi were very good and virtuous and became Suras or Gods, whereas the offsprings of Diti and Danu grew up to be evil and sinful and became Asuras and Rakshasas or Demons - in Sanskrit Daitya and Danuja respectively. Sindhu - Ocean, Suta - Daughter Daughter of the Ocean O One who showers boons on Gods, One who assails those hard to withstand, One who deals with demons, One who is engrossed in rejoicing, One who nourishes the three worlds, One who pleases Lord Shankara, One who removes sins, One who is engrossed in the sound of Om, One who is furious with the progeny of Danu and Diti demons , One who destroys those obsessed with evil.

O daughter of the ocean. Here, massive Hata - To Destroy, Batuka - A name for the Goddess One who destroyed the huge enemy soldiers with arrows from a golden quiver with brown spots.

One who is bedecked with dancing ornaments on vibrating limbs at the moment of the mattle, with her bow ready, One who destroyed the huge enemy soldiers with arrows from a golden quiver with brown spots and One who made the battlefield of fourfold army into a stage with a colorful drama. One whose victory out to be sung in words, and One who has the whole world engrossed in songs of Your praise. Ardhanari or Ardhanariswara is an androgynous deity composed of Lord Siva and his consort Shakti or Parvati , representing the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies.

Victory to Thee! One whose victory out to be sung in words, and One who has the whole world engrossed in songs of Your praise, One who attracts Lord Siva by the adorable sounds of the twinkling of anklets, One who delights in beautiful singing and dancing and One who dances as Ardhanari.

Sumana - Flower, Su - Prefix for anything good or beautiful, Manhohara - Attractive, Kanti - Complexion One who has a flower-like and attractive complexion.

O One who has a flower-like and attractive complexion, One whose face shines like that of the moon at night and One who has eyes as beautiful and commanding like a swarm of bees. One who, in the great war, delights in shaking up proficient wrestlers surrounding her, who then become as helpess as deer, One whose body resembles a wavy creeper while fighting with the army.

O Beautiful Lalita, you are the one whose splendorous complexion is made of white mixed with red, and one who is as tender as a leaf. One whose forehead is formed as soft, immaculate, delicate and beautiful like lotus petals, One whose flock of swans follow her in line moving gracefully bearing the marks of all beautiful arts and One whose swarm of bees from the Bakula trees meet on top of the crowded with other bees lotus flowers.

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