Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy; Entrepreneurship; Globalization; three short chapters on Infosys. In such a collection, it is inevitable that there are overlaps between the chapters and many recurrent themes. Humility is scarce in this country. It is to come together as one planet and use innovation in technology to produce alternate energy solutions and reduction of carbon emissions. Conduct yourself as if you have borrowed it from the next generation.

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He is a man of principles and has built an empire on a virtue system that, in my opinion, needs to implemented immediately. The book can get repetitive at places because these are speeches If we had more men like Murthy, India would hold the position of honor on the World arena for reasons more than one.

The book can get repetitive at places because these are speeches given at various institutes and colleges and the underlying themes are essentially the same. But it left me feeling sad because this book will not be read by those in authority who I assume are mostly illiterate and it will take strong will to fight opposing elements in the system.

It is a compilation of Mr. I found them to be less relevant in the world of today. The book is old in its thinking. His name on the book alone can make the reader feel excited about the discussion inside it.

But strangely i found the book a bit disappointing. May be we expect much more from a legend or may be legends should stick to what they are good at. But the bottom line is, this book could have been written in a far better way. The topic of essays or rather lectures that he gave all over the globe are excellent and they indeed The author is definitely a legend and a person of impeccable reputation. The topic of essays or rather lectures that he gave all over the globe are excellent and they indeed should be given serious thinking for a better India.

But unfortunately, except once or twice, MR Murthy has not been able to give a very concrete idea or plan. Asking everyone to be morally right and hardworking will not bring change in a miraculous way, and is too much to expect. Providing numerous statistics and numbers, and then showing grave concern on it will also change nothing! India is a large and highly populated nation with a complex mixture of different religion, languages and cultures. So we should discuss the problems in a mature way.

But sometimes Mr Murthy seems to be out of loop from some realities of our country. For example, in one of the essays under Education, he says if he becomes a principal of a secondary school, he will " So how can we take it as a suggestion or plan to make India a better place? Similarly his suggestion regarding eradicating corruption in politics will leave you wondering, why exactly the Singaporean minister who shot himself, should make our politicians to change their hearts?

I wonder how this thing relates with our politicians! But still, Mr Murthy is a voice which should be given a respectable hearing even if voice gets irritatingly redundant in facts and narration and his vast experience could be of great resource for the nation. So much so about the Legends!


Review of N.R. Narayana Murthy’s Visionary Book, ‘A Better India: A Better World’



A Better India: A Better World




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