Problem If a three-phase asynchronous motor is started directly, its typical current and torque characteristics can cause disturbances in the supply system and the load machine. Starting current Three-phase asynchronous motors have a high direct starting current I startup. Depending on the motor version it can amount to between three times and fifteen times the rated operational current. Seven to eight times the rated motor current can be taken as a typical value. This means that the supply system must be dimensioned for this higher output during the motor startup. Figure Typical starting current characteristic of a three-phase asynchronous motor Locked-rotor torque The starting torque and the breakdown torque can usually be assumed to be between two and four times the rated torque.

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Durr Page 20 — Configuration instructions Page 21 — Startup class Page 22 — Application examples for normal starting Analyze the valid manuaal length of the diagnosis telegram: Byte 11 3 2 1 0 Bit number Byte From this version onwards, DPV1 operation read, write data set and alarms is also possible downstream from a Y link.

Page 36 Installation, connection manuap feeder configuration 4. The remaining entries are moved up one entry. Siemens 3RW44 Manual Page During parameterization with the GSD file, it is possible to select values that are dependent on each other, but are not permissible in combination. User-specific Commissioning If values are required that differ from the defined parameters in the Quick Start menu or in the factory settings of the 3RW44, please proceed as follows: Page Page mwnual Page 99 Commissioning 6.

The ideal parameters must be set on the machine under applicable load conditions. The value is incremented by 1 each time the output is set. The menu has various sub-levels, which must be handled in different ways but are self-explanatory. The supply voltage for the DP master is DP master manual switched on 6. DC braking, through which an external braking contactor is controlled.

Page 24 — Application examples for very heavy star Upper current limit The upper current limit can be used 3rww44 determine increased power loss in the application, for example caused by bearing damage. Statistics 3rrw44 firmware product version is listed on the front of the device below the petrol- colored labeling mannual. General technical data During writing, the value entered is ignored, as the baud rate is always automatically detected by the soft starter.

Emergency start active The emergency start function is activated. Only welding of the contactor contacts is permissible, as long as they can be separated easily without any noticeable damage. There is one thyristor for the positive and one thyristor for the negative half wave. Page 65 Commissioning 6. Page 43 Installation, connection and feeder configuration 4. Save the changed parameters in a constant speed at a operation.

Siemens Sirius 3RW44 — kW Soft Start with V controls Standstill detection does not take place in the soft starter and, if required, must be realized by means of external measures. The maximum torque that can be generated depends on the selected slow speed. Quick stop active The quick stop function is activated.

Selecting Display Settings Commissioning 6. Notice This table provides example set values. If a start command is output during the stopping procedure, this procedure nanual aborted and the motor is started up again using the specified starting mode. Depending on startup the motor version it can amount to between three times and fifteen times the rated operational current.

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Dall Standstill detection does not take siemejs in the soft starter and, if required, must be realized by means of external measures. Siemens soft starter 3rw44 manual a restart same as after power ONe. Page IP54 degree of protection e. Page Typical circuit diagrams The 3RW soft starter is used for functional switching. Page 55 Commissioning 6. If the contactor is not connected within ms of activation of the start command for the 3RW44, the soft starter no longer recognizes the current circuit variant standard circuit or inside-delta circuit. Selecting Display Settings Commissioning 6.


Siemens SIRIUS 3RW44 User Manual

Page 13 For the load machine this means that the starting and acceleration forces in relation to rated operation give rise to a higher mechanical load on the machine and the conveyed material. The length of the diagnosis telegram varies between 13 and 32 bytes. Data set 83 supplies the default values for all parameters of data set When an ATEX-certified overload relay is used e. Soft starters 0x01 Device class: Page Circuit Examples 9. Commissioning Menu structure, navigation, changing parameters The 3RW44 functions parameterization, mwnual and motor control can be executed using the four control keys. Emergency start active The emergency start function is activated. Page refer to Chapter 8.


Manual Softstarter 3rw44 en-US



Siemens 3RW44 Manual


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