Early life[ edit ] Roerich was born in the family of Ivan Ivanovich Shaposhnikov, a well-known Saint-Petersburg architect. Significant members of this family included field marshal Mikhail Illarionovich Golenischev-Kutuzov , well-known poet of the end of 19th century; Arsenii Arkadievich Golenischev-Kutuzov , composer; and Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky. Saint Petersburg Roerich grew up and was educated in rich cultural traditions of her family. From childhood she was inquisitive, and independent.

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Helena Roerich painted by her son Svetoslav Roerich Helena Roerich was born in Russia on February 12, , the daughter of a prominent architect. She was very sensitive and frequently ailing. During illnesses, two very tall men would appear to her with help, but when the grownups objected to her accounts of them, she learned to keep her thoughts to herself. All the domestic animals rushed to welcome her in the mornings when she would go out to feed them.

When she met Nicholas Roerich, she found much in common with him and after accompanying him to many exhibitions and concerts, they fell in love and were married on October 28, Nicholas, one of the finest painters of his day, with an unparalleled command of color, was also very spiritually advanced. They had a happy family life together with their two sons, George and Svetoslav.

In , Nicholas became ill with pneumonia and they left their home in Petersburg for a better climate. Both her husband Nicholas and son George wrote books about their adventures. Although Helena was an active participant, few personal details are known except that she never stopped writing, teaching, and helping others. Besides the thirteen published Agni Yoga books, she wrote numerous letters to disciples and aspirants all over the world. After the death of her beloved husband Nicholas in she lived in "Crookety House" in Kalimpong India, until her death in The house is now being renovated into a small conference center.

Today thousands of people are gaining help and inspiration from her books, especially from the Agni Yoga series. Her books are seriously studied in every country of the world. Her memorial stupa can be found near a monastery overlooking the Himalayan Mountains in Kalimpong. All quotations are copyrighted.

All quotations are reprinted by permission from the Agni Yoga Society. All rights reserved. Dreams, Visions and Letters of Helena Roerich. April 11th "The refraction of rays yields sounds that enter into the symphony of the music of the spheres.

One may picture their crystalline quality of subtleness coupled with the power of the whirlwind. There is a center in the brain that is called the bell. Like a resonator it gathers the symphony of the world, and it can transform the deepest silence into a thundering chord. Similarly the centers of the shoulders are called wings, because during a self-sacrificing podvig their rays intensify. The legend concerning wings is highly symbolic. Likewise, it was a favorite custom of the ancients to wear a round metal plate upon their breasts.

The crown of the head is termed the well, because the waves of outside influences penetrate by this way. Everywhere in antiquity we see the covering of the head connected with the symbol of the priest, whereas now this symbol is replaced by the name of a business firm. So men have become spiritually bald. Inasmuch as self-confidence in action is blessed, so is self-conceit ruinous.

Self-conceit is hostile to simplicity. Even great minds are subject to this malady and must return an additional time to labor until they eradicate this husk. No member of the Brotherhood suffers from this. One of the impeding conditions is lack of simplicity. One can wear bast shoes and still not be simple. In simplicity one can build the greatest Temple.

Simplicity, beauty, and fearlessness - Christ and Buddha spoke of nothing more. And it is a blessing of the spirit vibrates to these Teachings. Song brings us health, and color will heal wounds. Therefore, I say, happy are those who understand sound and color.

From the very beginning the prophets have noted sound and color. The ancient instruction about the ringing of bells is full of meaning. Wreaths and garlands recall the understanding of healing power. According to the color of his radiation, each one is attracted to certain flowers. White and lilac have affinity with violet, blue with the blue; therefore, I advise to keep more flowers of these colors in the room.

One can do this with living flowers. Plants wisely selected according to color are more healing. I advise to have more freesias. I love them too. Let these flowers serve as My Sign. Our Ray, with its silveriness, is more reminiscent of white flowers. Urusvati brought her flowers as an offering to Me. Color and sound are Our best repast. Only our personal, inner conviction, which has its root in the accumulations of our past lives, can help in discerning the truth.

Therefore my affirmations also will never be accepted by the doubting ones. I beg of you, be assured that we do not attempt either to persuade or dissuade anyone, and we rise up with all the power of our spirit against any forcing of the books of Living Ethics on anyone, and more so any kind of authorities.

Each one must follow his path. Only he can deeply feel the truth of the Teaching and become aflame in his heart to the Call of the Teacher, who has in his former lives already approached the Teaching and the Great Teachers.

Among those who approach for the first time there are always many waverings and doubts. But where doubt has made its nest, the fires of the heart cannot be kindled. Doubt is the most frightful poison. Nothing can be attained in any field of endeavor where there is evidence of doubt. Man does not realize that throughout his entire life he does things he believes.

Precisely what to believe and how to believe comprises the solution of the problems of being. Almost no one realizes that this readiness must contain in itself some definite qualities and conditions. I have already written about this, but I am glad to repeat it for you, with further comments.

Precisely, in connection with discipleship it is most essential to realize the law of Karma and to comprehend it in all respects. Thus, a person overburdened with karma cannot hope to become a close disciple. Only those whose earthly karma is almost completed can be accepted among the closest disciples.

There are few who realize what a heavy burden the Teacher takes on by accepting a disciple. Precisely those whose high spiritual centers are not only open but are undergoing the fiery transmutation. Hence the small number of the closest disciples. I assure you that it is terrible. By accepting a disciple, the Teacher includes him in his consciousness and establishes with him an invisible but active bond. From that very moment, the Teacher knows at any instant what is happening to his disciple.

He can even know his fleeting thoughts, and can direct him accordingly. Therefore, it must be understood how hard, how unbearable for the High Consciousness of the Teacher would be any disharmonious vibrations caused by unpurified thoughts of the disciple, how inadmissible under such a close, sacred bond with the Teacher would be any still-not-outlived lust.

Every disharmonious vibration cuts into the current of this bond, and if repeated can break it altogether. But each severing of the thread, occultly speaking, is most painful and brings its consequences. Of course, the pain is entirely different for the Teacher from what it is for the disciple.

That is why the acceptance of the disciple is carried out with the greatest caution and is considered the granting of the greatest privilege. For every creative activity, for every manifestation, reciprocity and harmony are necessary. Therefore, if there is no expectation there can be no answer. Where there is no expectation there is no striving, but we are told to apply the most vigilant and intensive striving. There are not many who ask themselves what this readiness actually is. Should not this readiness consist of certain qualities?

The trouble is that people do not want to realize that at the foundation of this readiness, and of all the achievements, there is the following of a great ideal, involving a fiery transmutation of all our feelings, of our whole character. People would rather give up various excesses and thoughtlessly, mechanically perform their pranayama, than surrender even one habit that stands in their way to spiritual achievement.

But, as it is said, mechanical ways have no value. The transformation of the inner man cannot be achieved automatically, and this transformation is the chief aim of all the true Teachings. Such concentration continues unceasingly. Whatever such a yogi or disciple is doing, his thought is always occupied by his Idea. Everything is performed in the name of this Ideal, and he always feels in his heart the love and the presence of this Image.

This is the real concentration indicated by the esoteric philosophy, which deals only with the inner world, the world of Nourmena. In other words, from that very moment the Teacher knows everything about the disciple. He can know every thought and feeling, even the most transient, and accordingly He can guide his disciple.

As for the disciple, his life, from the moment of his acceptance, becomes entirely new. His dormant energies are awakened and their development and transmutation are accelerated.


Helena Roerich

This will lead us to the great Sacrament—the consummation of Being, which is called the Crown of Crowns. Ageless Wisdom Teachings-Helena Roerich Only knowledge of the Teaching will bring you the presence of mind for your answers because the Teaching foresees every situation of life. How to disunite what, verily, issues one from the other? Thus, by deepening our consciousness we comprehend the laws. I remember reading in a scientific magazine that a northern scientist had investigated the activity of volcanoes and found that the present volcanic belt revealed a period of unusual tension, and all the so-called extinct volcanoes were awakening once more to fiery life.


The Myth of the Masters Revived

Through examination of each pearl, one can come to a comprehension of the entire strand. They walked hand in hand all their life, creatively and spiritually fulfilling each other. Helena Roerich Let us learn how to apply the indications. The manifested roerjch contains the affirmation of energy saturated with unity. In connection with this, let me quote certain indications: Not always can the projected rays reach our physical consciousness; but every minute they elnea and annihilate so many hostile sparks around you. In a partial explosion, a new foundation can be carefully built up, but roercih a single explosion, by the force of detonation, strikes the nearest hearths. Nobody and nothing can stop eternal movement and the transmutation of energies.


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Agni Yoga Society, Inc. Published The publishers extend grateful acknowledgement to Mme. Dutko for her penetrative and sensitive work in rendering the first English translation.



Yozshugor Roerich had not changed Russian citizenship. But are such atavisms permissible in roerch epoch of the Mother of the World, the epoch of utmost cooperation? Each one, becoming aflame, will discover his own potentiality, will develop it in his own way, and thus will enrich the communal treasury. I remember reading roedich a scientific magazine that a northern scientist had investigated the activity of volcanoes and found that the present volcanic belt revealed a period of unusual tension, and all the so-called extinct volcanoes were awakening once more to fiery life. He fears not, yet is not reckless. They are very edifying.

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